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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #48

No, the mastermind behind it all wasn't revealed in this issue. Four issues left to go.

The Spoilers:

Jason Bard wants to save Jim Gordon now, because he's the only one who can help save the city, Mayor Hady just wants to bail on Gotham. Meanwhile, Mr. Mystery Mastermind contacts Penguin saying he wants to put him back into power, but first he needs to take care of Gordon via prison riot.

Then all the Bat folks are fighting their villains, Hush disables their tech, Julia heads into the city, Batman steals a plane.

Stephanie finds Vicki Vale and is like "WTF, why won't you expose Bard?" and Vicki is all "there has to be more behind it, he's just a pawn." Clue master flies by with a helicopter and grabs Steph with a zip line or something. Steph drops a thumb dive in Vicki's office.

Full blown riot at Blackgate, Penguin gets some skinheads, finds Gordon, but who the hell cares, because we all know Gordon is going to make it out fine.


The Opinion:

I mean, what the hell is there left to say? We still get no actual reveals and are left with cliffhangers that are immediately invalidated due to Endgame taking place following this story, so Gordon is going to fine, Batgirl is going to be find, Julia is going to be fine, Bluebird is going to be fine. So basically this issue amounts to nothing once again.

God damn it, this book. Just get to the point!

Positive: I still enjoy Fernando Blanco's art, so there's that.


  1. . . . I liked the Gordon cliffhanger. There, I said it! I'm at least interested in how he gets out of it, knowing full well that he does.

    1. I agree - I don't think every story has to "matter" or has to affect continuity in a big way, so I'm not perturbed by knowing who survives and who doesn't. I'm entertained week after week, and I'm invested enough to see how it al turns out.

    2. Exactly, I can understand that people have high hopes for titles that require this level of commitment. However, based solely on the quality of the writing and the characters being put to use in this title, I am entertained by this title. Although, I am not saying this title hasn't had its low points but this issue wasn't one, and neither were any of the ones since the new year started.

  2. I'm starting to take bets on when Lincoln step in. End of the next issue, or the one after that?

  3. At this point even if lincoln steps in its most likely going to feel very underwhelming. Im hoping lincoln will be in the story after endgame that would be great. Batman eternal has been a giant waste of time and could have been so many issues shorter. They should have just waited on lincoln and used him in a full out story in Batman.

    1. In Batman Court of Owls arc, Lincoln - as a villain - had only the last half of issue #10 and the whole #11, and still worked out great. I don't mind him being in only three last issues (which will probably be the case), I only want it to be great. Quality over quantity.

  4. I have a feeling that when the big master plan is finally revealed, the degree to which it is overly complicated is going to be truly spectacular.

    And it really *has* to be Lincoln, no?

    1. Safe bet is Lincoln. Out of left field bet that would be absolutely terrible, Dr. Hurt. Anything else would be a disaster.

  5. How terrible is it that DC writers/editors care so little about this series that they don't even bother to get their character names right?

    "From the Office of Mayor WILLIAM Hady."

    He's always been Sebastian Hady, even in other titles written by this checked-out writing team.