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Thursday, March 12, 2015

So the New Batman Seems GCPD Related

One of the first theories in regards to Chappie Robo-Rabbit-Batman was that he was some how related to or sanctioned by the Gotham Police Department given the blue and red lights on the back of the mech suit, which are often associated with police lights. Then the Batman/Superman cover for June was released with a view from the front, and some even more prominent blue and red lights... and then we get the Detective Comics #41 solicit and cover with Robo-Rabbit-Batman back to back with the rest of the GCPD.

I think it's safe to say that this Batman is directly linked to the police and I don't know what to think about this.

Since the announcement/reveal of this new look, I've honestly tried not to think about it, because whenever I did, I ended up going to a pretty cynical place (surprise!) and didn't want to actually come to terms with the potential of hating this direction come June, but now I'm actively trying to fight off those thoughts. It's hard to really tell what to think, as it's either genius or just plain fucking stupid to reveal something so big, only to give such little detail to back it up. This whole thing is just frustrating to think about.

I said it earlier in the week, but I'll say it again: there's probably no room for middle ground here. This is either going to be surprisingly awesome, or they're jumping the shark into oblivion. A lot depends on whose in that suit and what the execution is like, and it's going to be a long time before we get any of that. I made some jokes on Twitter about Jim Gordon being in the suit, but now I'm really starting to get nervous, because if you tell me Jim Gordon is running around as mechsuit Batman, my gut reaction is "that sounds fucking stupid."

So pardon me, while I sit here until FCBD at the very earliest, repeating "it could be good" over and and over again, because I'm going to need the reassurance.


  1. Bruce is in coma after Joker fight, so Julia Pennyworth takes his place and is allied with GCPD. Simple.

    1. I tend to agree that this is either likely Julia or Harper, given their prevalence in recent Snyder planned storylines.

  2. Court of Owls were Assassin's Creed in my Batman. Death of the Family is Saw in my Batman. Zero Year is Bourne, Dead Space - thanks to Dr. Death - and Crysis 3 in my Batman. Now: Robocop in my Batman.

  3. New Batman is like 8 foot tall compared to superman in the bats/Supes cover. It's probably a robot. And is it really hard for people to wait to see what happens before they make knee jerk reactions? Snyder and Cap ALWAYS deliver and I'm optimistic this will be no different.

  4. You know it occurs to me that something "undone in 75 years of Batman" is probably shaving off Jim Gordon's mustache.

  5. This version will likely only last a year at most considering that's how long Snyder thinks this story will go. I'd rather this Batman not be Bruce, as I don't like it when the main version of Batman goes too gadget-heavy rather than relying on wit, skill, physical abilities, and gadgetry in equal measure, but otherwise I'm open to whatever they try to do with it. It'll be weird if Snyder and Capullo's last Batman arc isn't even about the Batman they've been depicting for the rest of their run, but I guess we'll have to see how this arc goes and whether it's really their last thing.

  6. Jim Gordon in the suit does make a startling amount of sense and I'm also not thrilled at the idea. The entire concept is crazy, which Snyder has admitted to. Fingers crossed, that's all the hope we've got.

  7. Could it be Jason Bard?

    -Jason Bard is slightly crippled, so the suit would help that

    -He has no problem against using a gun

    -Snyder Just introduced last year, he has to have more plans for the character

    -The Robo-Bat in the pic is standing next to Bullock and the other new police chick from 'Tec, and bullock has been working with Bard recently in Eternal

    1. Then again, I don't think Bard is tall enough

    2. Plus Bard's whole thing in Batman Eternal is that he hates vigilantes and what not cus someone trying to imitate Batman got his partner killed.