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Monday, March 9, 2015

Confirmed: Duke Thomas Star of We Are Robin

This bit of news was pretty much rightly assumed from day one, but today we got confirmation that Lee Bermejo, Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph's We are Robin will indeed star recently orphaned (and potentially future Lark and/or actual Robin) Duke Thomas.

If you've been reading Batman, which... I don't think anyone who visits this site isn't, you should know who Duke is. Showed up in Zero Year, his family saved an injured Bruce, then a couple of years later, appears again in Endgame where Joker offs his parents, Wayne style.

Writer Lee Bermejo gave USA Today an interview on the book where he talks about Duke and the concept behind We are Robin. If I'm being honest, at a very basic level it sort of sounds like Gail Simone's The Movement, but I could be wrong, I mean... I am just reading an interview here. What I find interesting is how quickly Duke got a book, where another Snyder/Capullo creation in Harper Row has just sort of been floating around since Batman #1, with promises that she's a big character and all that, yet we don't know where she is post-Convergence. I guess you could argue her status in Batman Eternal, but we all know my relationship with that book.

Anyways, give the interview a read. This is one of those books I'm really interested in just out of the sake of curiosity. Could be fantastic, could be not for me, who knows. With us getting a bit deeper into March, expect June solicitations probably next Monday, but I wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing more info about various series through out the week, such as this.

(Source: USA Today)


  1. If the book ends up leading to duke becoming robin and Damian dying again, am going to be pissed. Also very true we have Harper who since the new52 began has been working her way to bluebird yet as far as we are concerned will just be (if lucky) popping around other bat books