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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #46

Don't worry, it's not a spoiler if I just say Lincoln March over and over again, because this book just doesn't want to get there. So I'm just gonna--Lincoln March, Lincoln March, Lincoln March!

The Spoilers:

Ivy’s doing stuff, planning to leave Gotham, I guess? Cool? Also, Selina is all “Hey Dad I don’t like, you pulling some shit? No? Okay, figure out who’s pulling some shit on me?” in reference to trying to find out the identity of whose working behind the scenes, I guess. Meanwhile, Hush is bothering Julia in the Batcave.

Bulk of the story is Batman going after Ra’s, who he believes to be the big bud guy, but totally isn’t, because that’s how this book rolls. Nevertheless, Ra’s indulges the Detective and has Dr. Darrk dose him with some hallucinogenic gas, having him go on about legacy or some shit. Then when Batman sees through that, Lord Death Man shows up! And because this issue is written by Tim Seeley, that’s awesome, because his LDM is insane. But Batman eventually beats LDM, then comes to find that Ra’s isn’t well, still recovering from when we last saw him in Robin Rises (WHICH BEGS THE QUESTION, WHERE IS DAMIAN IN THIS BOOK?) and once again, Batman is wrong. Ra’s is all “When I want to kill you, you’ll be at your best, now go figure it out, jerk.” 

Then the issue ends on Rex Calabrese looking at the shipping manifestos he asked for in order to figure that stuff out for Selina and it’s just stuff for the psychos in the city getting random shit they want… I don’t get what the big deal is that Mr. Freeze got a freezer. Sure, whatever.


The Opinion:

Look man, Ra’s al Ghul practically just says Lincoln March in this issue, hell, it’s in the preview, but we’re still dicking around, and in 46 issues, Bruce has made literally no progress in finding out who is behind it. Then the issue ends on another completely dull note. That shit is still super frustrating, but I feel like I’ve talked about how much this book has been pissing me off every week. So let’s talk about what I like...

BOY, TIM SEELEY SURE DOES NEED TO USE LORD DEATH MAN IN EVERYTHING. Seriously, the way he writes that guy’s insanity is just damn funny, and it needs to keep happening. 

I liked the art this issue, even if it was a bit of a patchwork job. Alessandro Vitti, who was supposed to be the main artist on this issue, did good work, especially with his LDM pages, and Christian Duce’s pages fit stylistically pretty well. Romulo Fajardo’s colors definitely did a good job of meshing those two artists together, so that’s worth mentioning too. The third artist on the book, his two pages didn’t fit that well, if I’m being honest, and the use of a different colorist there didn’t help either.

Ultimately, what I did like about this issue in a broader sense was the fact that it was reminiscent of earlier issues in the series, where it would jump around between different characters in different settings. Since the Hush reveal, the book has just been 90% Batman going “I don’t know what’s going on!?” with maybe a couple pages of other characters here and there. Earlier, that wasn’t the case…. Depending on the writer, we’d get a greater deal of Tim and Harper, or Catwoman played a big role in an issue, or whatever… My point is, there was a lot more variation in content and characters from issue to issue than there has been, and this particular issue gets back to that concept, which is way more entertaining than what we’ve gotten.

So there’s still a lot of stuff that bugs me, but hey… at least there were some things I liked this week.


  1. The entire scene with Ra's was just perfect. His monologue, his use of "Detective," just.... excellent.

  2. Hmm.. continuity error... and a massive one: dr. Darrk injected himself with Talon serum (in Talon #17) and restored himself to human form.

  3. So true it's easier to tolerate the book when it's telling more than one story per book not just one story extended for 2-3 issues. The issue about robin is first I think Snyder said he didn't like writing robin that's why he frequently appeared in batman and robin and I also think there is absolutely no proper jumping in point for robin to enter eternal and with the cover art for issue 50 released, I do t think he will appear(hopefully they may fix the problem of his absence in the last issue of batman and robin nxt month).
    Overall while I loved LDM appearance , Ra's being shoehorned into eternal is borderline unessesary when everyone who has been reading the book till now figured it out its Lincoln months ago and trying to make it look like it's him when they used the exact same plot with riddler last month . This book just wasted too much time and unless something huge happens before the we reach the march and final issues, it will have an ending that people will be purely disappointed with.

  4. The serum Batman used to track Ra's is the same one of Batman & Robin? Because that one runs out after 48 hours if I remember correctly. So Batman Eternal is after Batman & Robin's current arc or Batman took a long time to go after Robin after the adventure in Nanda Parbat. Maybe he left Robin with Superman?

    1. Batman & Robin #39 included an intact Iceberg Casino... which sank early in Eternal. Not to mention Wayne Manor... so yeah, Robin Rises is set right before Eternal... probably, the same time as Detective Comics. My bet: Robin will have his solo journey to some places far away (in June's Robin: Son of Batman).

  5. I personally think it's Doctor Hurt... The invitations, the elaborate scheme... Last we heard of him was a vision of the future where he was alive smiling and with the president. Gotham was burning (like in eternal #1) and they recently mentioned his alias in the rex and selina conversation... Lincoln March doesn't seem like he needs to go thru all of this... The court never wanted to completely destroy Gotham. Just my thoughts.

  6. This issue was the best use of Ra's Al Ghul in the New 52, especially the hallucinations he made Batman have.


    1. Dick. Then, because that teaser was released four or five months before the first issue even hit, DC had changed their minds about where they wanted to take Dick Grayson.

    2. Hey GS, this may be redundant but if you have the time could you break down the Bat-Thanksgiving image and what it means now for those of us who are behind? Aside from Grayson, I only use your site to track the Bat Family books. I've tried finding a recent article but haven't had luck.