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Friday, February 6, 2015

DC Just Dropped the Post-Convergence Mega Bomb

We all knew DC was going to have a mini relaunch in June following the two months of Convergence, and in true DC announcement fashion, they blew their load in a total clusterfuck of new information that hit the web early this morning. I mean seriously. I woke up and just couldn't process any of this. So many new books, some books replacing old books, new creative teams. Lots of new shit. The source like I'll post will have everything. But let's take a look at what's relevant to this site.

First up is Batman Beyond by writer Dan Jurgens and artist Bernard Chang, and in-continuity Beyond book... that I won't be reading! Yes, yes, it just got announced, how can I make a judgement so early? Well, that's because I find Dan Jurgens to be an incredibly boring writer, and nothing DC has done with Terry in The New 52: Futures End has been of any interest to me, neither is making future-Tim Drake Batman Beyond. Pass.

Bat-Mite, a six issue mini series from Dan Jurgens and writer Corin Howell. I'm probably going to pass on this too based on my thoughts on Batman Beyond. That said, Bat-Mite is a weird enough character/concept, that he might be able to override my boredom that comes with Jurgens's writing.

Black Canary by Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu on art. I was close on this one. At least on the right path... But anyways, fuck yeah, to this book. I may not be happy with how Dinah's come off in Batgirl, but if it's just because they're spinning off a book with her, drawn by Hawkeye's Annie Wu no less, then hell yes I'm on board.

Harley Quinn/Power Girl, by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner with artist Stephane Roux. DC is obviously treating Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti's run on Harley as a gold mine, note the various one-shots and specials? We've had like, what... five in just barely over a year? Yep. That last arc had some pretty good moments, so it's clear they're playing of that for this six issue mini-series. Why not? It'll probably be fun, I'm in. EDIT: Apparently Justin Gray is part of the writing team as well.

Red Hood/Arsenal, this one is taking the place of Red Hood and the Outlaws and it's still written by Scott Lobdell, so no thank you.

Robin, Son of Batman, takes the place of Batman and Robin written and illustrated by Patrick Gleason. Hell yeah, Damian finally gets his own solo. Somewhere in the near five years of running this site, I've suggested this very name... is this the part where I sue DC for copying me? I think I'd totally win, ha.

We are Robin, probably the weirdest of the bunch. Written by Lee Bermejo and illustrated by Chary Randolph, it looks to be a title where a bunch of kids take inspiration from Robin? Given the cover, I wouldn't be surprised if this is where the character of Duke Thomas lands? I'll probably check this one out just to see what's up.

So, those where all the the new titles that are relevant. There were a couple creative changes to the remaining titles that DC publishes, but only two that concern books I cover here. Genevieve Valentine will be staying on as writer of Catwoman, but she will be joined by new artist David Messina, who recently drew The Bounce for Image Comics. Then artist Juan Ferreyra will join Gotham by Midnight, but I can't say that I will for sure be reading that book come June, who knows.

There's a lot, lot more to talk about. 24 new books in all, some creative team shake ups. Worth looking into over at DC's site.

(Source: DC Comics)


  1. You summed up my feelings about these titles pretty well. Black Canary definitely seems worth a look.

    With all the talk of 'Batgirling' the whole line, how long before Mark Doyle is out of the Bat-office and onto bigger things?

    1. Bigger than the bat-office? So EIC?

    2. Maybe? I dunno. They can always create some new Chief Executive Vice Editor for Dynamic Ideas or something. It's basically what they did for Geoff Johns...

  2. They should have done a Harley & Ivy ongoing or mini

  3. just for discussion sake, why don't you like Jurgens Batman Beyond? I have mixed feelings just because they promised he would be the main focus of the weekly, but he is not. And i really hope tim is not Batman Beyond

    1. I don't know, I think I stated my case pretty well. I've been bored by everything I've read from Jurgens in the past couple years, and I think the whole idea of shoehorning Batman Beyond into the DCU was poorly conceived. I'm just not interested. Not hating on it or anything, I just don't care.

    2. Jurgens is like the vanilla frozen yogurt of writers. His work is... fine. He'll give you a professionally put-together script every single time, but it's totally generic in every way.

      Which is why he's such a weird choice to do a Bat-Mite book. So weird that I'm curious....

  4. I am pretty sure Duke Thomas is right there on the cover of We Are Robin

  5. I'm really going to miss Peter Tomasi's Batman & Robin, which made me actually like Damian Wayne for a while. Don't know if I'll check out the Damian solo. When is Tim Drake going to return to prominence?

  6. So after 2 years of no robin, they just bring him back to bring batman and robin for four more issues to deal with discount superman powers? Though disappointed, I hope robin, son of batman does well enough for me to read and not suck like the other one that must not be named. Black canary looks interesting , though I hope to see her kick more ass and take names like her arrow counterpart ad face off against foes worth her time. Though with the writer also writing batgirl, she may end up spending issues rocking with her band and ranting about how Barbara is a pain to her while struggling to defeat shoplifters .we are robin looks interesting but if they turn out to be robin equivalent fans like Cassie's from teen titans , I'll drop . Batman beyond ,no just no. I think it's a bad idea because the main reason people liked batman beyond 2.0 because it had familiar continuity from the DCAU and people love that universe. It felt like a continuation if the show and had great art that looked like the shows original art brought to modern times. If it's the terry or Tim from futures end , I feel it will suck since if any one been following the weekly, terry is bland at times and has very little characterisation to make me feel for him. So if it's DCAU Beyond, shut up and take my money DC. If it's futures end, no thanks.

  7. ^ Holler at the comment above in regards to Black Canary and the others books!!!