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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #43

Close to a year later, we finally get the other side of the coin that was Batman #28.

The Spoilers:

HARD CUT: Steph is being stashed in Harper's apartment now. WHAT? WHY?


Batman #28 happened. Done. Boom. Well okay, before Batman #28 happened, this time we get to see Selina interacting with Steph a bit more, psychoanalyzing her and her under the surface need to prove herself to her father, but she's also scared to go to the real authorities of Gotham (Batman) with whatever she knows. Then Batman #28 happens, and Selina gives Steph a choice, go with Batman or die on the streets with a $200 million bounty on her head.

Batman it is, then.

Harper doesn't like the situation at all, but gets Batman to say he'll at least "think about" legit training her if she does him this solid and finds out what she knows. The two don't get along well to begin with, Harper is a little high and mighty as if Steph was some blonde from the suburbs who started liking Harper's favorite indie band that just got popular. But eventually the two discover they're not so different, both with criminal daddy issues. Nevertheless, Stephanie still doesn't trust Batman, going all the way back to that childhood issue we got with her and in the present. Harper wants to know why, and that's when Stephanie tells her: It's because the guy behind everything going bad in the city, the man she saw talking with her father and the other criminals is the same man who funded Batman: Bruce Wayne.


The Opinion:

So, me and Batman Eternal ain't been on good terms lately, that's well documented... but I'll admit that this issue was a step in the right direction. I still found a bulk of the issue to feel like the series was just stalling for time (despite having very little of it left) because while somewhat interesting to read, it's hard to really see what the point of pages upon pages of Selina playing shrink with Stephanie really was for. So Steph has daddy issues, so what, there's a bigger story that has barely been developed further for what seems like months. I will say though, that this is the boss Selina I want to read, on top of her game, confident and in charge... where Catwoman she's super mopey and kind of a drag. MOVING ON!

The bulk of my enjoyment that I found in this issue came from the interaction between Stephanie and Harper. I'd be shocked if come June and new Bat books, we don't see title with them both in it (possibly a new take on Birds of Prey? Possibly involving Brenden Fletcher? I've tweeted something of the sort twice and he's favorited both times, so take that for what you will maybe?). It was clear from the preview that these two were going to butt-heads only to be followed soon after with a moment similar to this:

And sure enough, that's exactly what happened. Not only that, but finally, FINALLY... A CLIFFHANGER! Bruce Wayne is the big bad? Whaaaaaaa?! Well, no, obviously not... but it's someone who looks like Bruce Wayne... potentially a brother of sorts?

or Doctor Hurt, because Steph sucks at discerning age between people.

or just Clayface because, fuck you.

or it's Roman Reigns. Gotta make him look strong.

Regardless, while this wasn't a perfect issue, it was by far the best we've gotten in a long, long time, and David Lafuente's art was really fun and animated, shame he's only doing one issue, but now I've got to look up that Image book he's got with Gillen that they just announced.


  1. Could the "Bruce Wayne" Stephanie saw have been Hush? Did we see him without the bandages? Could him surgically altering himself to look like Bruce still be canon?

    1. We saw him the issue Bruce beat him. He's got his red hair and everything.

  2. Yeah, I'm worried it will be Hush. Sigh...

    1. see my response above. Hush is locked up too. It's not Hush.

  3. I (think we've) seen hushs face after he took a beating so I believe it's Lincoln March...

  4. Yeah, it's Lincoln March. And combined with what's going on in Snyder's book, the Owls have returned!

  5. I am really disappointed with how we made it back to Batman 28. What happened to Catwoman being "left for dead"? Cullen was still sick in 28 but now he's cured. This 'nano bot plague' (as terrible an idea as it was) didn't even seem like a threat. When we were first introduced to Cullen in Batman 12, Cullen was raving about how cute Time Drake was. You'd think he'd notice him standing next to him while they were in the same store (and Harper could potentially figure out Batman's identity).

    I am also disappointed with treatment of the issue of poverty in this book. Harper Row started in Synder's Batman as a very street level character. In the Batman franchise, most stories (i don't if there's an exception or not) have been told from the perspective of the rich (ie. Bruce Wayne, his wards, Jim Gordon). The creation of Harper Row gave the potential to explore Gotham from a low income perspective and we did get some of that in Sydner's Batman. She works as an electrician to pay her bills. She was at Cullen's school but did she go to school herself? It didn't seem like it (to me at least). In this issue of Eternal, Harper sound like she was a suburban girl. She took Cullen to an Anime IMPORT store? (Not to say that they can't splurge spend but it just seems a bit out of character for someone living on a blue collar out-of-highschool salary and lives in a run down apartment). Speaking of affording items, I still don't understand how a girl with no parental support, who's living in the walls of a library, and is surviving on vending machine food (Stephanie) is able to assemble a ninja outfit and evade trained assassins. Trying not to nit pick here, but many of Batman's problems are solved by the fact he's a billionaire with endless resources. It would have been interesting to explore heroism through Harper's (and in a way Stephanie) perspective because they aren't the perspectives of the societal elite.

    1. I thought the only real flaw of this issue is how it doesn't address Selina's accusation that Batman left her to die from Batman #28, but I imagine parts of Eternal's story changed from how it was originally going to go.

      Harper's current financial situation is helped a little by being allowed to live in the new buildings Wayne Enterprises created as part of Bruce's initiative to clean up parts of Gotham and get better, affordable homes for the poor. As seen in the Court of Owls storyline and the issue detailing Harper's background.

      Anyway, Cullen is still recovering from the sickness from the nanobots and Tim may not be as recognizable dressed down as he is.

  6. Hey I just had the most insane idea what if it's really. Bruce but it's done fight club style?

  7. I'm curious if maybe Hush surgically altered Lincoln March to look like a Wayne in the first place.

  8. That Roman Reigns bit literally made me laugh out loud. Nicely done.

  9. Can it be Owlman of the Crime Syndicate, from Earth-3?