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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #42

This book is just starting to piss me off with how little it has accomplished since it was revealed Hush wasn't the bad guy. But I'm in too deep. This is what I get for being such a mark.

The Spoilers:

Though being pretty bad at superheroing, Harper saves everyone, Batman shows up demands to know who hired Hatter, gets the same fucking invitation card and a "they did," Harper has a moment with Tim where she commits to this life.

Oh and Crystal Brown apparently wants to help Stephanie now or is just lying, I don't fucking know, but that doesn't matter because Selina finds her and knocks her out.


The Opinion:

Nothing that we didn't already know happened, surprise, right?



  1. This is not funny now . Harper row. Okay character but why did they think it was good to introduce bluebird now. Another thing, i thought Selina ,not crystal, put the bounty on Stephanie's life. Batman dropping in was generic , seriously the book has made Babs,Jason and Tim look fucky whiny and incompetent (seriously how old are they) and the only thing that was likeable was the Tim/harper moment. It was done better than Jason/ Barbara (the thing between those two just came out of nowhere and seemed forced on both of them). With these two the smart thing to do is take it slow and have lots of interactions between them like dick/Helena to try and convince me. Five bucks says Tim once again drops of the bat books now that his plot is done.Seriously the nano BS was two issues . They left it dangling on the plot thread for 4 months just to make harper look good. GOD!! We are all twisted masochists . some call me on April fools when It's over

    1. Selina didn't put the bounty on Stephanie head. That was established a while ago that Cluemaster or his boss did that after she tried to expose their secrets online. Selina's involvement is that knows something is up in this city after the villains get ahold of Batman's weapons, so she searches for any unusual bounties that may indicate that someone knows something.

  2. I don't know what the heck you're talking about, the past couple of issues have been fantastic. Seeing Harper's awkward first foray into costumed crime fighting was great.

    1. There has been damn near zero meaningful developments as to what's going on in Gotham since Hush was revealed not to be the big bad guy. That's what I'm talking about. Nothing has happened. Everyone is just going in circles. It sucks. Oh Harper turned into Bluebird? Yeah, we've known about that for literally a year now.

  3. I don't understand what you mean nothing happened? ever single issue has tons of stuff happen sometimes I don't understand fans at all.

    1. Superficial things have happened. There has been zero development of what's actually going on and who the bad guy is since Hush was taken down. It's just Batman going "WHAT'S GOING ON?" every week.