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Monday, October 20, 2014

SPOILERS: The New Robin Is...

Reveal after the jump!

You're god damn right.

I know I said something about doing a write up on my thoughts, but what is there to say? Damian motherfucking Wayne.


  1. Look at the smug look on his face. Like "fuck yeah, I'm back. Deal with it! < tt >"

  2. I may get banished from this blog for saying this, but I was actually hoping he'd stay dead. I liked the way his story ended, and this is one of the most death-cheapening resurrections I've seen in comics, and anyone who reads them knows that's saying something. I also don't think Pete Tomasi writes Batman particularly well or consistently, and because of that he's also not that great at presenting the dynamic the way Grant Morrison did it, which in my opinion was better and more reflective of the uniqueness of these characters. I also don't really like the idea of Batman having someone with superpowers as his main sidekick, as it dramatically changes, not for the better, what sort of challenges can reasonably be presented to them.

  3. I was never big on Damian, because I didn't really like Grant Morrison's run in general, and never felt Batman needed a Robin who was his BIOLOGICAL son. He already had sons, and already had a great Robin (Tim Drake). But to be fair, I did enjoy Damian in Tomasi's "Born to Kill" storyline and the Death of the Family tie-in. Unlike Morrison, Tomasi isn't obsessed with some big cosmic picture and how Batman and Damien are some reincarnated hypertime super gods, he just tells really good BATMAN stories. So I trust him at the wheel of Damian, because he's the only one who's been able to make him all that compelling.

  4. DC has heard the cries of the fans, and the best Robin since Dick is back (sorry Tim Drake-Wayne fans)

  5. Fhiz, you have been saying that Damian would be the "new" Robin for ages. While Tomasi/DC probably wanted to create buzz for the book in order to increase preorders, it was a mistake spoiling the end of "Robin Rises" so early in advance. I liked how Snyder created excitement for Endgame by keeping the story secret until the first issue. On the other hand, it is nice that Tomasi is becoming more active on Twitter. Have you seen that amazing page from Batman and Robin 36 that he posted recently?