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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #24

Welcome to Gotham Spoilers, where I write spoilers about an issue where Spoiler does some spoiling of her own... SPOIL!

The Spoilers:

Stephanie Brown sits in the rafters, watching her father meet with the man who hired him (Hush, Steph can't see him) to organize Gotham's lesser villains to stealthily seed chaos within the city. How so? By changing traffic signals to cause gridlock, slowly destroying the water system, and introducing rolling blackouts through the city's lesser neighborhoods. Basically, they're prepping for the city to get really pissed off and eventually riot. Unfortunately for Steph, the man who her father is talking to uses a signal to scramble any potential bugs before they discuss it, so after he leaves (telling Cluemaster to kill his daughter), it's up to her to do some digging to get the evidence.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Batman deals with a situation that has Doctor Ecks (Double X, old continuity, look it up) in some art gallery causing a big disturbance. Once it's dealt with, Batman figures out the guy is from Arkham he remembers he should prooooobably check in on that, and gets no response from Batwing.

Back to Steph, turns out her father knew she'd be after him, and attacks, trying to tell her they could have been partners, but she drives off on a motorcycle and he gives chase, finally at the point where he's ready to just kill her already. Cluemaster chases Steph all the way out of Gotham, where he's eventually surrounded by police (who Steph called while on the motorcycle) after setting off an explosion. As he's being taken away (and swearing he'll get Steph), Cluemaster yells at the cops that his boss owns them, but unfortunately for him, he's six miles outside of Gotham, and these aren't the GCPD, they're the state cops. So with her father arrested, Steph watches him get taken away, and tells herself she's just getting started.

The Review:

I've always liked Andy Clarke's art (with the exception of how he drew Harper in Batman #12, something just felt off to me with that), but man... he's doing some of his best work here in Eternal. Doesn't matter who he's drawing, it all looks great to me, and I hope we see more of him in Gotham, instead of Mike Marts poaching him away with Wolverine stuff. 

As for the story, it was simple, give Steph the spotlight, which was enjoyable simply because it was Steph, and then remind us (and Batman) about the Arkham plot. That said, there were some negatives. Everything just seemed to come a bit too easily for Steph. There's like one panel of her almost fucking up some aerial maneuvers, but other than that, she just seems a bit too natural for someone who just put on a costume. Also, I liked the state police idea, but it just feels like Cluemaster got put to bed too early. 

Finally, this isn't really something specific to this issue, but more so to the series as a whole recently: I'm starting to sort of lose track of things. Initially, Eternal's format was that each issue had a main plot, and would juggle a couple of others throughout, but for the past month or so, we're getting one main plot, and then a cut away that basically just goes "oh yeah, Batman is in this." And that's fine, but now a lot of the B characters and plots seem to be getting lost in the shuffle, and I can see stuff like Steph just sorta of falling into her new vigilante role a little too easily becoming the norm. I can see something similar happening to Harper, whenever she shows back up in the book. 

The Bottom Line:

Like Catwoman, who was pretty prominent in the B plots early in the series, but then disappeared for a good deal of weeks, Steph comes back with an issue all to herself, so that should fill the quota for a while, right? See you in a couple more months Steph! ...I'm kidding (I hope). But in all honesty, despite some "Well that was pretty easy for her" moments, Steph is still Steph, and that means she's a fun character to read. Mix Steph's brand of fun with some great looking Andy Clarke art, and you've got yourself a good issue, plain and simple. 


  1. I like the feel of closure Stephanie gets with her first victory as Spoiler, even though we most likely haven't seen the last of Clue Master.

    1. Oh I agree he'll probably pop back up sometime, but my point was that everything felt just too easy for Steph, and it's highlighted with her first major confrontation being neatly cleaned up in one issue.

    2. Although, I like that they're keeping Clue Master a villain that's very vicious but also easily defeated and they kept her aerial gymnastics to the point where they look haphazard.

  2. outta curiosity, any idea what was in the 3d picture Bruce was standing in front of?

    1. I think his being there fucks up the ability to see anything in the image, but I tried, and I think it may just be a bat symbol. I thought I saw a wing on the left portion of the image.

  3. Yeah, it could've been handled better, like I don't understand why they kep Hush in the shadow.

  4. This was the first time I ever cheered for Stephanie Brown since her inception.

    I am a little curious as to how she's suddenly PHYSICALLY capable of doing all this, though. Did she train herself in these weeks?

  5. I'm glad Steph is back, but I expected to see her make a gradual transition into Spoil. We still have that lingering question of where did she get the costume and gear? Where did she learn to fight?

  6. All she did was ride a motorcycle and one hand spring. She doesn't have to have a lot of training for that. I thought the did a great job of making her not do too much that seemed outta the ordinary. But, then again, we don't know how much (if any) training she might have had.