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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Batman #35 (Endgame) Cover Reveal

Yesterday, I said this would probably happen, this being that Batman #35 would go up for digital pre-order and the cover would be revealed for the first time. Sure enough... here we go. So, full spoiler-filled cover after the jump.

There you go. We knew the Justice League would be involved in this arc, hell... it's practically the only thing we knew about it. But this cover seems to suggest that they may be the antagonists in a way. Heading outside of Gotham is new territory for this book, so could we be getting a "Tower of Babel" style Batman vs. Justice League story?

Two weeks!


  1. I thought it might be something like that, in those Twitter previews from Greg Capullo it seemed to me like Wonder Woman was possibly attacking Batman.

    1. I read those images as Diana pulling Bruce out of some rubble

    2. It could certainly be taken that way, but there's also that panel in which a black haired woman is standing over a prostrated Bruce, in a manner that often denotes a threatening figure standing over an opponent in visual shorthand. But by saying "might be" and "possibly", I meant to acknowledge that it's really hard to say what's actually happening and what this story is truly going to be about.