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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

IT HAPPENED: Catwoman Gets New Creative Team


Genevieve Valentine is the new writer. As far as I can tell, she's pretty damn new to comics, so I don't really have any opinion on her, because I flat out can't. Garry Brown will be the new artist. Eternal status quo has come to pass.

Like I said above, Genevieve Valentine is a complete unknown to me, but given the past close to two years, any change is welcome in my book, and I'm going in optimistic in this one. Oh... and if you're wondering, this is the announcement I've been teasing about knowing for awhile now. I didn't know the details, but I had the timeframe, and the wait for it coming to pass has been eating away at me for the better part of this year.

(Source: io9)


  1. This is hopeful, in that she at least hates some of the bad iterations of Catwoman, although I'm bummed she still leaves room for the Batman Returns Catwoman origin...


  2. This is great news, but could I post some thoughts about the Fletcher/Stewart book?

    Stewart talked about changing the tone, right? Well how many people have been complaining about how dark and bleak Batgirl is? Also, Gail's current arc ends with #34, just in time for October. And the product description for the next trade on Amazon has been updated from #27-#31 to #27-#34. Aaaand I follow Gail on tumblr and I haven't seen her do any hinting about the next arc as she usually does. Maybe this is why she's doing the faux-Birds thing as well? As a send off for her fans?

    I'm probably reaching and wishfully thinking, but meh. A theory!

    1. I'd say that's a long shot, but you pointing out that she hasn't made reference to anything coming in the future is definitely note worthy.

      I think Geoff Johns said in an AMA that Gail has a project coming up with a bunch of characters or something, so she could potentially be moving on to something else. You might be on to something. Right or wrong, we'll find out what the Fletcher/Stewart book is on Thursday.

  3. This is pleasant news. A step up from the current Catwoman story.
    Do you know of any more announcements that may be coming regarding other female-led series?

    1. Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart are writing a book for DC too. From what I've gathered on their twitter accounts, it seems like it could be female focused, and potentially be edited by Mark Doyle, which would mean Gotham.

  4. With Trevor McCarthy on Klarion, does this mean Batwoman is getting a new artist or is the series finally dying from post-JHW3 disorder?

    1. Jeremy Haun has been the artist on Batwoman for quite some time now.