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Monday, April 14, 2014

DC Comics announces Grayson, starting in July

If you really thought Dick Grayson was dead, you should probably just stop reading comics. I'm serious. Try stamp collecting?

Dick Grayson is BACK! Sort of! And it's getting crazy. Coming from Tim Seeley (yay) and former CIA counterterrorism operator Tom King, Dick Grayson is "dead" to the world, but really the newest agent for a secret agency. Which secret agency you might ask? Spyral. Yes, the Grant Morrison Batman, Inc Spyral. Like I said, this sounds crazy.

And that's where we're at. I'm not going to lie, I've had a few beers, so I can't really process this fully at the moment. But hooray Tim Seeley, hooray Dick Grayson.

(Source: USA Today)


  1. Excited for this. Two things: Was this the book you were talking about on Twitter? The one that might show up in October? And do you think we'll have to wait until five years later to get a new Catwoman creative team?

    1. No. And while the second question is "COMPLETELY UNRELATED" from your first... Hint hint... Yeah, probably. The last solicit didn't seem to have Race of the Outlaws ending. Wouldn't be surprised to see Catwoman cancelled and the relaunched in October.

    2. One could only hope they'd approach that book with the season model, and hype the crap out of it with her role in Eternal. Put Higgins or Buccellato on it, and they might have a book.

  2. I will totally be picking up this book!

  3. I'm very interested in how the set-up gets explained. How does Bruce get Dick involved with a spy ring he knows little about, let alone convince him to 'remain dead' to people Alfred and Barbara? Can't wait to see how this plays out though! (especially when the 'play dead' thing blows up in everybody's faces)

    1. Yeah, that's going to take a deft touch. Looking at the message boards, that's the number one substantive reservation I've seen (I include the "Why is he carrying a gun?" howling under non-substantive reservations, but YMMV). As you say, there are just any number of ways that could flop/fail/arouse disgust/blow-up.

      On the other hand, I here extremely good things about Seeley and King. And DC would be well within its rights to say, "Look, you've been complaining for three years that we don't do anything new, don't give Dick a good creative team, and let him get caught up all the time in crossovers. Well, you've got something new, you've got an up-and-coming group of well-regarded creators, and you've got a setup that insulates the character from crossovers. Could you give us ten minutes to do our thing before you start raising objections?" So, I'll give them a chance, with reservations noted.

    2. The whole gun thing isn't anything new, and we all know that DC covers are SO GOOD at accurately conveying the story within. I agree that the upcoming creative team sounds solid enough, but I disagree that the Nightwing team wasn't. The Chicago portion of the run was great (especially in the art department)!

      When I said "blow up in everyone's faces" I was referring to the characters involved (i.e. the Bat-family and others...) and not the readers and writers. But I guess that's possible to.

  4. Sounds like they are taking a move from the Marvel Playbook (Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes/Captain America is "killed", but is really working as a special ops SHIELD agent)