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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


NOTE: Forever Evil #6 Spoilers, yo.

So today's the day, the final fate of Nightwing in the pages of Forever Evil #6! Will he live? Will he die? Will he be Earth 3's new hero as a Talon based on some rumor that was found on Tumblr after someone said something on 4Chan or something Outlaw Justice I don't know? THE ANSWERS, AND MORE (well, not more) JUST AFTER THE BREAK!





Okay, well, let's back up here. What actually happened...

You see, the Crime Syndicate didn't want Dick Grayson to escape, so Grid took it upon himself to put Dick in something he found in STAR Labs' files called the Murder Machine, and device built to contain Doomsday... despite the fact Doomsday hasn't really been a threat to Earth in the New 52 yet... but shhhhhh, don't tell Geoff that. Anyways, what is the murder machine? Well, it's a containment cell with a big ol' bomb in it, and the trigger is attached to the heart of whoever it's containing, only to be disarmed when the heart stops... But for some reason, it also starts counting down when Batman, Luthor, Catwoman and Bizarro find Dick... Why? I don't really know? Maybe because it sensed an intruder but that isn't particularly clear, especially because the Syndicate (specifically Owlman) wanted Grayson alive, and Grid knew that... The whole situation doesn't really make that much sense when you really start to think about it, but nevertheless, bomb attached to Dick's heartbeat, only way to stop it is if he dies.

So, shit man... that's not good. Batman tries to disconnect it, all while frantically apologizing to Dick for pushing him (along with everyone) away, which Dick forgives Bruce for, but tells him that they need to get out of there, but that's the problem, everyone seems locked in, by impenetrable walls.  Despite the machine basically repairing connections after they're broken, Bruce frantically keeps trying to disarm the bomb... That is, until Lex Luthor blasts Bruce in the back.

So what does Luthor do next? Makes the "executive decision" to disarm the bomb... by suffocating Dick Grayson to death, while Bizarro holds off Batman and Catwoman. Sure enough, the bomb is disabled, and Batman is fuuuuucking pissed, proceeding to beat the shit out of Luthor, who between punches, tries to tell Batman the situation is under control, and it's not to late.

So there you go... Dick Grayson is dead... until next issue, where he'll probably be brought back some how... I mean, how many times has Keith Richards' heart stopped now?

The play here is pretty obvious, Dick isn't going to stay dead... or maybe he is, and fucking see you later, Dick... But probably not. What Luthor says pretty much gives it away that he plans on restarting Dick's heart, after they get him out of the bomb, which is a solution that given the people in the room, only he would think of. Then you got the USA Today article where this issue was previewed, where Geoff Johns said they were going to be sending Dick Grayson on a new, different direction... and unless Geoff Johns is a sick son of a bitch with a really dark sense of humor, I'm going to be that new direction simply isn't the adventures of Dick Grayson's corpse.

There's been theories going around since last night that they'll use the Talon stuff to resurrect Dick, but the Court of Owls tooth isn't in him, thus the substance isn't being pumped through his body, and there was no way Luthor could have ever known about that... and when was the last time Geoff Johns played second fiddle to someone else's plot point?  The answer is simple... they're surrounded by a bunch of equipment, and Luthor's suit probably has some electric charger or something in it... just restart Dick's heart once he's out of the trap... Done.

Oh yeah... Outsider gets killed, Johnny Quick gets killed, and the guy under the hood was Alexander Luthor, who is also the Shazam of Earth-3, but goes by Mazahs... he doesn't seem particularly nice, though.


  1. Batman not figuring out that killing Dick himself is the only way to save him and freaking out over it to where Lex Luthor has to save the day
    It just disgust me how Johns handles Batman

    1. No, I'm sorry, but that's bullshit. If you think the thought of killing Dick to save him ever should have crossed Batman's mind, then you're the one who doesn't understand Batman, not Johns. That is not something Batman would ever do, the completely amoral Lex Luthor on the other hand, sure.

    2. Plus, Batman just lost his youngest son. Why would he ever contemplate killing his eldest?

    3. Dick is going to be revived next issue. I mean kill Dick
      Disconnect the bomb
      Revive him

    4. Tim did something similar to save Bruce in ROBW. Granted, Tim thought it'd work because Batman can beat anything and not because he had life-saving technology at hand. Still, it seems like a solid strategy when the alternative is "we all blow up"

    5. What we read was a rare instance of Batman losing composure and actually showing emotion, given everything he's been through recently, the notion of him even thinking about killing Dick to get him out of the bomb is truly absurd. Luthor on the other hand is acting the way Batman usually does, without emotion being a factor, plus the extra amoral touch he's got normally.

      The good thing is, Batman killing Dick isn't what happened, so I don't understand the point of discussing the possibility of it happening, as if it did.

    6. I totally agree with you there about losing composure. However, that should have been hinted at more directly throughout Forever Evil rather than being too subtle, ending with people just assuming you're nerfing Batman.

      Having someone like Catwoman quickly say something along the lines of "he's usually more pragmatic than this" would have dropped the idea that Bruce was becoming emotionally compromised. I know this is Monday morning QB'ing (Wednesday night), it just would have silenced the "John hates Batman" people.

    7. I don't think everyone's hand needs to be held through every little detail. It's clear Batman is acting emotionally, especially when he starts just beating the shit out of Luthor. No exposition is necessary.

    8. And Batman's strong emotional investment in this has not just been hinted at, it has been clearly and explicitly stated. He comes off the battlefield and sees the tape of Dick's unmasking, then dumps Cyborg on the table with a Batman equivalent of "Oh, Hell, I got to go!" He then gives Catwoman a speech about how Dick's life is ruined and it's all Batman's fault, and makes clear to Luthor and the rest that, the world be damned, rescuing Nightwing is his top priority. I really don't know how much clearer Johns was supposed to be.

    9. Heh, "Oh, Hell, I got to go!"

      It's obvious now how deeply compromised he was throughout the story, I was mostly regarding the first meeting between him and Luthor. Until then he seemed more guilt driven than being totally blinded to what logic would dictate. Having the later scenes though, and re-reading that first meeting scene, puts more context to it.

  2. How many times has Batman faked his own death by slowing his heart rate down etc - surely he would have trained Dick to be able to do the same.

    Plus not that he would have considered it but it would have been more dramatic for Batman to be the one to suffocate Dick rather than Luthor ie having to kill him in order to save him and therefore breaking his no killing rule in the process.

    1. The heart needed to be stopped completely, not slowed.

      And Bruce would never be the one to suffocate Dick to death.

  3. God, that DiDio picture is hilarious. When DiDio first claimed he planned to kill of Dick Grayson, an aiport baggage handler kept his bags from him until he agreed to keep Dick Grayson alive. I only wish this man could yet again take hold of DiSatan's possessions for the life of young Master Dick.

    1. Where did u hear that story from? That is hilarious! As far as hero deaths go, being smothered by lex luthor's hand seems anti-climatic and downright weird. That is like when Dick died in the Injustice comic by landing on a rock wrong.

    2. Too true about the death. Both scenes were quite emotional and packed a hell of a punch, but the actual deaths did little in terms of respect for Dick.

    3. The story about DiDio's luggage being withheld comes from one of those end-of-comic notes from an editor, writer, or whoever. I can't remember the month of the issues where this was printed in the back of the comics, but here's a link to a website where someone copied the original text from DiDio:


    4. I think Dick's Injustice death, while a bit anti-climactic (like you said, he fell on a rock) was very...I don't know - "heart string pulling," for lack of a better term, due to Bruce's response. He turns to Damian and says, "You killed my son." Gave me chills just reading it.

  4. So Bruce would have just let him die? As I said Bruce as a character wouldn't consider that action but from a dramatic standpoint it would have been interesting to see if he would have broken his no killing rule for Dick Grayson similar to how he nearly broke it against Alexander Luthor at the end of Infinite Crisis.

    1. Bruce probably would have died trying to disarm the bomb any other way.

      And you yourself admit he wouldn't even consider killing Dick, so dramatic potential that would never happen aside, what's the point of even discussing the possibility, as it would never happen?

  5. Gotta say I didn't mind this one nearly as much as the last one. The Cold activation code was classic Johns, but he made up for it by having Batman knock of Bizarro with a Kryptonite ring. Weird how the same guy who couldn't even beat Copperhead is now taking on Bizarro.