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Monday, March 17, 2014

Absolute Batman, Inc. to feature new Burnham Art

So, if you remember, towards the end of Batman, Incorporated, there were a number of pages that had to use fill-in art, none of it particularly great. It was real unfortunate, because this was one of those stories, that you really just couldn't slap any artist on, as is the case with most Morrison penned stories. But whatever, DC had a schedule to keep and they did what they did.

I remember hearing shortly after the series wrap up, that someone said Chris Burnham said he'd be redrawing the pages he missed for a deluxe edition of sorts. So with an Absolute version of Batman, Incorporated coming in December (including both volumes), I decided to get a little clarification, and well...

New Chris Burnham pages confirmed! Chris went on to say outside of him redrawing those specific pages, there a good amount of little art and color corrections throughout.

Good news all around. The Absolute Edition including Batman, Incorporated vol. 1 #1-8, Batman, Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes, Batman, Incorporated vol. 2 #1-13 and Batman, Incorporated Special #1 will be out in December, retailing for $125 (or way cheaper if you order from Amazon).


  1. "Christ Burnham." I like it!
    I suppose he is god-like in his drawing skills.

    This is really cool to hear, although I'm the kind of guy who will buy all the single issues and rarely a collected edition. The way I see it, it's "collected" in past tense, because all the fun of collecting the issues has already been done.

    There's a lot for Burnham to draw, though. He didn't draw Batman, Incorporated vol. 1 #1-3, 5, or 8. So is 5 a fill-in because Yanick Paquette drew it? What about 1-3? There was also split art duties on Leviathan Strikes. Not to mention vol. 2 #0, partial on 8, and 11. And if he redraws the Paquette issues, would he be doing most of the stories in Batman, Incorporated (vol. 2) Special #1?

    It would be fantastic to see all of the issues drawn by Burnham, but I'm just not entirely convinced this would be the case.

    1. You're misunderstanding it. He's redrawing the couple of pages that had to be filled in through volume 2. He's not redrawing issues that he didn't draw himself.

  2. I am definitely getting this! I guess holding off on getting the trades until this edition came out has worked for me.

  3. Thanks for finding this out! This news is a dream come true!

    Noah, Burnham is drawing pages in 6 - 10 of volume two, that were originally drawn by other artists. It's about 20 pages total.

    I'd love it if he went back and drew issue 8 from volume one. His tease for it at the end of issue 7 was awesome. "Big trouble in Internet 3.0!"

  4. Yeah, I just wasn't sure what constituted a "fill-in," and I wasn't sure if he'd only be doing one of the two volumes. Thanks, though. This is certainly clarifying.