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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SPOILERS: Lots to talk about in Batman #28

SHIT, SON… Man, there’s a lot to talk about with Batman #28, much more than I could in my review, so this post is a mix of spoilers/opinion on everything Batman #28. This was one of those issues that when I read it, I was taking notes on the side of things that were mentioned, questions I had, and so on. That said, I did read this issue for the first time around 1am Tuesday morning, and I’m writing this before today (Wednesday) where I’ll read it again, so I may have missed some details in my weird mental combination of being exhausted and excited at the same time, which you can comment about, and I might edit the post to reflect my thoughts on anything I may have missed.

So that said, obviously, if you haven’t read this issue yet, don’t bother with this post, because reading it will be a whole lot better than just reading what I say about it. So, SPOILERS.

Going down my list, the first big hint as to what’s going on in this Batman: Eternal world, is the mention of an infection of some sorts. Harper mentions that ground zero was the Narrows, so it makes it seem as if this was an attack of some sorts… by who or what, that’s hard to say, as we don’t have a whole lot of information to go off of. If I had to make an educated guess, just by looking at the Thanksgiving teaser, I’d say maybe Pyg has something to do with it? We’ve seen him spread a disease of sorts before, so something biological may be right up his alley. Harper also mentions that her brother has been infected, which I’m not sure I buy. She may be lying just to attempt an appeal to emotion towards the guy she’s trying to get info out of. More on Cullen later.

The next thing I noticed was the sort of police state Gotham has become… but perhaps without the actual police. The very first page we see a whole lot of security cameras on the streets of Gotham, then when Harper’s cover of sorts is blown, it’s mentioned that scans of her face don’t show up on the database, which essentially means she doesn’t exist in Gotham. That makes it seem like there was an event in Gotham that called for some security that would make the NSA look like fucking Paul Blart Mall Cop. This also may contribute a bit more to the idea that Batman has lost Gotham, which is brought up by Selina.

Is that Oracle? Sort of? We see someone new to the job at the Batcave computer, and judging by their size and silhouette of their hair, I’m going to guess it’s Harper’s brother Cullen. Nope, new character. Whoever it is, they’re also on a first name basis with Harper, which could mean something towards it being Cullen, or I’m just looking too much into it. The bigger question is where’s Alfred? If the Thanksgiving teaser is anything to go by, probably locked up somewhere in a straight jacket.

Then of course we’ve got Harper, who has gone full on vigilante, with her love for electricity front and center. The big question was “Is she the new Nightwing!?” Which is something I never bought into, saw the reasoning, or thought was a great idea. Why was Nightwing the go to guess? Because she was wearing blue? Well, that doesn’t mean anything because Nightwing isn’t blue anymore. Plus, Nightwing has never been a mantle that was passed on from one hero to the other like Robin, it was created to be the very exact opposite of that, and to put someone in it other than Dick, for real, not like… Brothers in Blood, would be somewhat insulting to A LOT of fans, a good number of which are somewhat lukewarm on Harper at best, and giving her Dick Grayson’s ID wouldn’t help that. I think Snyder and everyone else involved knew that, and thus we get Bluebird, which I’m perfectly fine with. This turn for Harper was pretty obvious since Batman #18, so I’m really looking forward to how she gets there, and under what circumstances does Batman actually tolerate it.

The big twist that I have multiple notes written down about, was Selina Kyle’s appearance. When Selina showed up, that’s when I knew this issue was the real deal, and about to get crazy. Selina is now THE crime boss of Gotham, and her relationship with Batman has gone very, very south… That said, while it’s clear that Selina takes her new role very seriously, and is clearly angry at Batman for something, she’s not above doing the right thing instead of actively going against everything Batman wants. It's a great combination of Selina in this position of power, and while clearly holding a grudge, there's still hints of her relationship with Batman there. When Harper pulls out her gun and calms everyone down, there’s a nice little moment where Bruce pleads with Selina, which she responds to well, that's what sold me on the new direction.

There are a ton of other questions surrounding Selina. How did she get to this position? Why is there a nearly one-billion dollar bounty on her head? What happened between her and Batman that made things go so sour? So. Many. Questions. But man, I love where Selina is at in this issue. This raises a question as to what happens to her book once we start getting into Eternal time? This is a huge status quo shift, and to ignore it would be a fucking bizarre turn of events. My theory? I really think Catwoman will be cancelled, and relaunched in some form or another. We’ve already seen some shake ups with that book, as Nocenti was dropped in March’s issue. On Monday, I initially thought the last minute change in writers was due to the fact that Catwoman actually dropped in sales within a crossover, which is fucking unheard of, but this status quo shift really seems to imply some big things are coming Catwoman’s way.

So if I had to bet, I’d say we see Sholly Fisch write a few issues of Catwoman, then it gets cancelled like Nightwing, with clear intent to do something new with the character. I could totally see a new type of Catwoman book where Selina is the crime boss of Gotham, walking that line of being a criminal, but a responsible criminal at the same time, only at the highest possible position. It’d be something truly unique for the character, and something unique in terms of types of books DC publishes, I’d really like to see this happen. Who knows, DC could keep the book running and just have it be a new arc/direction, but I think if they want to really maximize the exposure, they need to do the Marvel route, cancel the book, and relaunch it with a new #1 to get as much press as possible. All this being said, if they don’t address this in any meaningful way within Catwoman’s book… That’d be so fucking stupid of them.

Then, the big purple elephant in the room. Stephanie motherfucking Brown! When Snyder says DC really didn’t want to do some of this stuff, I’m willing to bet this was what they objected to the most, but luckily, Scott’s got their highest selling book and probably convinced them, because this was the big, big reveal. Even I thought there was no chance of Stephanie showing up. They already said she’d be in Batman: Eternal #3, so why ruin this… WHY? BECAUSE IT’S GREAT! Stephanie is back, and guess what? She’s the fucking key! Whatever is happening, in some way, shape, or form, she’s right int he middle of it. What does she know, and what is she trying to stop? God only knows, but I can tell you one thing, of all the times I smiled in this issue, this last page got the biggest smile out of me, by far. Welcome back Steph.

So that's it! If you're not excited for Batman: Eternal and whatever else is coming Gotham's way, well then tough shit, have fun not enjoying Batman comics for next year! To all those with me, man is this about to turn into one crazy ride. You know what made me really excited? Looking at the Thanksgiving teaser and realizing there's so much more to address. This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks.


  1. The hype for Batman Eternal is reaching critical mass. So much status-quo to be exploded into a million pieces. And Stephanie. God damn. I'm relieved that they didn't change her aesthetics very much.

  2. Definitely some exciting stuff, I love that they could take a character like Selina who has existed as long as Robin and the Joker and figure out a different angle for her that works pretty well with what she is. Even though she's generally been more hands on and a loner, she's cunning enough she totally could run crime in Gotham. My only concern for this series is how Batman really figures in. There's so much focus on his sidekicks and other supporting characters in every interview and preview about this that I have to wonder how much of his 75th anniversary series will actually be about him. I'm also a bit concerned about the "loss of his friends" combined with the talk in the previews of him fighting Batgirl meaning Snyder is once again going to the "Batfamily mad at Batman" well, but maybe this will be different from Death of the Family.

    1. She could have meant in a different way, like how it seems Gordon is getting arrested, and Alfred is in a straight jacket for some reason.

    2. Yeah, maybe. If that's how it was meant, I wonder how that'll work considering Batgirl, Batwoman, Batwing, Red Robin, and possibly Blond Dick are all in Eternal. Maybe the individual stories each of the writers are pursuing will prevent them from stopping what happens in Gotham and that's why Bluebird, Cullen, and Spoiler are needed to help Batman.

    3. I have the same inquires, as it seems like Eternal may be more of a supporting character-centric arc. Which would be fine and all, but this is the 75th Anniversary of the Batman. Thus, I am hoping Batman plays The PRIMARY role in Eternal. Love the batfamily (nightwing, batgirl, and red hood are awesome), however I don't really read batman books to read about them. So, let's see what Eternal has in store.

      Additionally, I wonder if Azrael will be featured in Eternal? I for one would love to see an Azrael appearance. Based on this current issue, Bruce will need all the help he can get. Plus, Azrael is a great way to highlight the supernatural or Dark in Dark Knight, as opposed to Batwing.

      Lastly, can't wait for April. The Selina Kyle reveal was my favorite moment in Batman #28. The role fits her perfectly and is a real game changer for her character. The interaction between catwoman and batman is always interesting. Adding this new dynamic, really brings new avenues to explore. So many questions and so few clear answers. Guess we have to stay tuned haha

    4. Yeah, it's strange, Batman's obviously one of the most, if not the most, popular superhero these days, but when you get into the more hardcore, comic book side of things there are so many fans and writers who care more about the sidekicks. I, personally, am in it to read about Batman himself primarily so I do hope he gets his due in the series that's ostensibly celebrating his anniversary. Snyder seems legitimately interested in Batman himself, but the rest of the writers seem focused much more on their supporting character of choice, and they're more involved in actually writing the story so I wonder how much Batman will actually figure into it.

  3. pretty obvious (I think) that the female in front of the bat-computer is Carrie Kelley - most likely the new Oracle. Notice the more hour-glass shape and short-haircut.

    1. I don't think it's obvious at all, especially given the fact that Carrie has been dropped for the foreseeable future in the book she came back in.

    2. And we're both wrong. It's a new character we haven't met, added link to the post above.

    3. I assume the new character is the girl from the Batman Eternal Thanksgiving teaser that Tynion confirmed was a new character when that came out.