SPOILERS: Detective Comics #958

Genocidal zealot robots, fun!

SPOILERS: Batman #24

Just fucking do it. All I want. Don't fuck around and be typical comics fake out. Do something different.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #22

Blockbuster, Tiger Shark, alien weapons, and a bunch of other random villains coming. That's what I know about this arc.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #957

Spoilers: The answer is a sanctimonious hypocrite.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Panels of the Week, 02/06/2014

I'm kind of getting tired of doing these posts, because some weeks it's just me scraping the bottom of the barrel, while nothing really stands out I'm just trying to find something to post. I might reformat this in the future.

Detective Comics #28: Wish Fabok could have finished his run with Layman, but I really did enjoy Lopresti's art here, especially with all the little details in this final page.

Forever Evil - Arkham War #5: This book is full of good stupid and bad stupid, and this is good stupid. Let me just explain this to you... The hulking Bane, is dressed up like Batman, on a horse, riding next to Dick Grayson's undead great-grandfather, who is also on a horse... This is fucking so stupid, but I love it.

Batwing #28: Comedy is hard in comics, and having comedic timing to go with that comedy is even harder... this sequence absolutely fucking nailed it. Was laughing out loud when I first read it.


  1. GaHhh nooooooo!!! PotW are one of my favorite parts of this site!

    1. But often times there just isn't anything that's really THAT good. An issue can look fine, but sometimes nothing stands out. I'm open to suggestions, but I don't think my current format works that well.