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Tim is back, also, Tim is back too!

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God, I really want to see what the Batman Wedding Special #1 would be like.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Batman and's Other Half for May

Well, this has been known for a bit via sneaky practices, but I'm in the habit of waiting for official word these days... But good news! That word has come from DC's May variant theme announcement... Batman and will be Batman and Frankenstein in May.

You may remember, Frankenstein appeared in the first post-Robin issue of the title, with Batman having the genius idea of Frankensteining Damian back to life. With this next arc mentioning Damian or Ra's al Ghul in each solicit, I'm willing to bet Batman is going to be seeking help in a more friendly manner this time around.

On a random note, I'm surprised DC hasn't given out any interviews on this subject, because whatever this story is could very well be pretty big... that is, unless the whole arc is titled Batman and Red Herring.


(Source: CBR)


  1. I don't quite get why they didn't end this at issue #18 and relaunch it as The Brave and The Bold. Unless of course we'll be seeing a more permanent "And ___" at some point in the near future.

    1. Because Damian could come back? If he doesn't, I feel like that's probably what's going to happen.