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SPOILERS: Detective Comics #945

The gift of Clayface, TAKE IT IN MAAAAAAAAAAN. (reference!)

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I could make a joke about memory and my feelings towards this arc, but that would be rude.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SPOILERS: Forever Evil - Arkham War #4

Wakey-wakey William Cobb, Abed Bane is Batman now, and you're his new Robin... sort of. Cobb initially reacts violently to Bane's proposition to wipe out the Arkham scum, but eventually agrees to it, wanting to rescue his Talon brothers and sisters, and off into Gotham they go.

And there's more fighting in Gotham, everyone's fighting, big surprise. Everyone's there. Cobb and Bane show up, and start to wreck shit, until Bane gets what he was looking for (a prisoner in Zsasz), leaving with Cobb shortly thereafter.

Away from the chaos, Bane saves a family from being mugged, and offers refuge in his tower. He and Cobb speak to what his plans are, and it turns out Gotham is only a stepping stone for Bane, who intends to leave the Court of Owls in power once this is all over, in exchange for some Talons who he'll pump venom into. Safe to say, Bane has ambitions for everything, not just Gotham.

But there are still the Arkham masterminds to deal with, who have woken up the rest of the Talons, having taken control of their minds with the help of Mad Hatter.


The Good:

This is stupid. The good kind of stupid. It's so over the top and weird, it's kind of hard not to like it for how generally odd it is.

The Bad:

This is stupid. The bad kind of stupid. For however ridiculous it is, you can't ignore the fact that there is some fucking weird characterization going on here. Remember William Cobb? How he almost killed Batman? Well now he's handing over a loaf of bread to a scared family? WTF? Then you got Bane, who... well, no need to discuss. It's just fucking weird! Then you got characters being misnamed, like Big Top is called Sumo and Zebraman is Vortex? Yeah, I don't know.

There were some inconsistencies with art, given that there are a couple of inkers on the issue, but overall, not that bad.

The Bottom Line: 

For however much you can appreciate this story for being so ridiculous and over the top, you could also knock it for those very same reasons. As with the rest of the issues, I'm straight down the middle on this one, somewhere in-between "this is ridiculously awesome" and "this is ridiculously stupid." Weird book... really weird book.



  1. Actually Suma was a generic Arkham inmate introduced in an issue of Resurrection Man. As for Zebra Man/, he was renamed/re-imagined as Vortex in the WTF issue of Catwoman :P

  2. I liked the interactions between Bane and Cobb