SPOILERS: Batman #35

This was the best Batman and Robin issue from 8 years back, that we've gotten in a while.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #33

Give everyone steroids, I'm sure that'll turn out well.

SPOILERS: Justice League #33

I don't know, Cyborg did a thing? Now we're back to where it began as if nothing happened...

SPOILERS: Batman: Lost #1

This issue is the equivalent of looking in the mirror and saying Grant Morrison's name three times.

Monday, January 13, 2014

First Look at Jason Fabok's Batman: Eternal Art

Batman: Eternal is going to be solicited at some point, not today, but soon, so while we wait, how about we look at a panel from the first arc. Looks good! Now... please DC, let's not make this a weekly $3.99 books... because I have the feeling that may happen.

(Source: Scott Snyder's Twitter)


  1. I agree. Even $2.99 weekly will be steep if you add this series on top of all the other Bat-books (not to mention anything else a Bat-fan reads). If it's $3.99 per issue, I may have to be out regardless of quality. If it's mediocre or lackluster, I'll probably be out even at $2.99. $12 to $16 bucks a month is a lot to ask for condensed stories that may suffer in quality as a result. The loss of John Layman before it's even solicited is a red flag for me. I know he clarified there's nothing underhanded or conspiratorial about his departure, but the real issue is that if these guys can't commit, how does it turn out good if the story is supposed to be one long arc told over the course of a year? Consider me guarded and skeptical right now...

  2. I'm very curious who the other artists are on this book. We know way more about the Futures End art team, and it starts up after Eternal.