Stack Rundown, 02/26/2017

Save us Justice League of America, you're our only hope... for the third time you've been introduced next to Justice League.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #951

Didn't take long for the League of Shadows to just start wrecking shit.

SPOILERS: Batgirl #8

I do not think that this is a very good book at all.

SPOILERS: Stack Rundown, 02/19/2017

Super Sons #1 is a pretty good book that you should buy.

SPOILERS: Batman #17

Bane is taking this whole "Batman ruined your life" thing pretty seriously.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Looking Forward: December 31st, 2013

No books to cover next week, because DC is only releasing Forever Evil and Justice League. I'll probably do a post sometime after Christmas about whatever happens with Batman and Catwoman, but no regular posts until New Year's week. Books will be coming out that Tuesday.
  • Damian - Son of Batman #3: Last we saw, Damian was thrown off a building... He'll probably survive that.
  • Batman - The Dark Knight #26: Apparently, this is an almost entirely silent issue, which makes my job easier!
  • Batwoman #26: New writer Marc Andreyko's first real issue, so, fingers crossed that it's good!
  • Talon #14: James Tynion's final issue of the series, and the final battle between Calvin and the Court... for now.
Remember when last week's Stack Rundown post may have been the biggest yet? Well, this week may be one bigger, since Image decided to release new issues of a good majority of the books I read from them this week.  What else to look forward to this week? I'll have a post about the last few chapters of Batman Beyond 2.0, so there's that. Then on Sunday, the final chapter of Batman: Li'l Gotham will be released, and that's sad.

Finally, it's the holiday season, and you know what the true meaning of the holidays are? To support your favorite one-man-operation comic site, by doing all your online comic shopping through his TFAW affiliate banner links!

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  1. The alternate cover for FE with Sinestro Corps Batman beating down Power Ring is epic.

    Happy Holidays Fhiz!