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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guillem March's Batman #24 Variant

Above is Guillem March's variant cover for Batman #24, a big issue for Zero Year, where Bruce actually becomes Batman. Pretty good looking, but what does it mean?


I'm funny.

(Source: CBR)


  1. This is how I see it:

    Real RH gang leader trolls Batman, who thinks he will finally get him. RH Leader takes random member of the gang (or someone new) that we don't know antyhing about and puts him in his place. Whole action prepared in chemical factory goes wrong, false leader/unkown member becomes Joker, Batman is trolled and real leader is pleased.

    Otherwise, we have pretty much new pre-Joker I don't know I would like to have.

  2. I hope none of these Red Hood members, Red Hood Leader included, turn into the the Joker. The Joker works much better without a definite origin. I hope Snyder is trolling everyone by inserting clues that the Red Hood Leader will turn into the Joker.

    1. The Joker always fell in the vat of chemicals, that's been established forever. What wasn't definitive is who he was before, his name, his family, his friends, his entire past.

    2. And why couldn't it be? Because diehard fans have convinced themselves that Joker would be ruined with a proper origin? The original movie had the whole backstory of Nicholson's Joker and it's still a great take on the character.

      I personally feel like Joker having a tragic origin sucks. I prefer him as an incarnation of evil - so MAYBE he really thinks he was just a poor fella gone crazy, but in reality he was always a heartless bastard. He was just saner before a very bad day.

  3. we know shit about the RH gang boss... I like the character, so he becoming the joker is cool with me.

  4. It's almost certainly The Joker's origin, though I have to wonder about someone wearing a green suit with a purple tie... have we seen anyone like that in Zero Year?

    Hint: Riddler wears a green suit and a purple tie.