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Monday, July 8, 2013

Nightwing #22 Preview

So, to verify the story I ran a couple of weeks ago, Will Conrad is your new Nightwing artist. I wonder why this was kept so hush hush? It's not like there was a big announcement or anything, yet it was kept a secret (almost) until this preview? I don't know, whatever, looks good!

(Source: CBR)


  1. OMG, Will's art looks exactly like Brett Booth's art, except twice as good! Hopefully he can also carry energy and the excitement Nightwing needs for acrobatics. I'm glad he payed attention to the designs by Booth as well.

    1. ...nowhere near "exactly" like Booth's. Maybe the fact Andrew Dalhouse is coloring it creates that similarity.

    2. Yeah, I was kinda just bursting with excitement seeing how great Conrad's art meshes with the world Booth set up. Though, I did notice Dalhouse's name a couple minutes later. Either way, the art looks good, right? And that's all that matters!

    3. Agreed. They could have done far, far worse.

  2. I agree with you both. will Conrad is definitely respecting the work of the artist that came before him (doesn't always happen in other comics).
    This is solid artwork and it's continuing the feel and environment that Brett Booth set up.
    Got to give props to Kyle Higgins too, nobody can write Nightwing like he can!

  3. Lovely! I know I may sound pretty shallow even mentioning it but Will even kept the DIY stitches on Nightwing's costume! ^^
    What I also love the most is the smooth transition between the art styles, as if both Will and Brett had a talk with each other before the baton was passed.