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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wrath and Scorn, the New Dynamic Duo

Yesterday we got a look at Jason Fabok's redesign of The Wrath, who is the "anti-Batman." Now, in current Batman lore, how does one be even more anti Batman?

By having a boy sidekick, of course!

Meet Scorn, The Wrath's sidekick, who isn't exactly a new character, as he originally appeared in The Batman cartoon at The Wrath's side, but from what I can tell, has yet to make an appearance in any comic... until now!

(Source: DC Comics)


  1. I don't know why, but I sense an impending doom for Scorn...not fatal but something pretty nasty might happen to him.

  2. I never saw The Batman episodes, but I know the 3rd arc of Batman Confidential was about the boy sidekick The original Wrath raised to be an anti-robin. Pretty cool straightforward Batman story

  3. You know what would've been cool? If this happened in Batman and Robin... Too bad Damian is dead *cries in a corner*

    I really liked that episode from The Batman, it was just pretty cool.

  4. I have a TPB of the "Batman: The Wrath" and I love that they're bringing him in to the New52. I'm not sure, though, if this will be the original Wrath who burned and fell to his death in the classic comics during his final confrontation with Batman, or the his successor Elliot Caldwell from the Wrath Child Arc.

    I do like the concept of a sidekick to the Wrath....although that cape and hood combination.....reminds me too much of Damian T_T.

    1. I'm not 100% sure, but I feel like I've heard/read Layman say the name Elliot Caldwell.

  5. In what comic will he appear? Batman, Batman&Robin, Detective Comics, Batman inc. or The Dark Knight?

    1. Detective Comics in at least July and August, perhaps afterwards in villain month or whatever.