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Monday, May 20, 2013

Booth Leaves Nightwing After #21

So, Brett Booth has been teasing being brought into to do some fill in on another title at DC for the past month or so, and today it was announced that he'd be drawing Justice League of America #4 and #5, which is cool. But time spent on JLA means time spent away from Nightwing, as Booth confirmed #21 would be his last.

This sucks. Not hating on Booth or anything, because the couple of JLA issues is a big gig, but man he worked so well on Nightwing, and after Eddy Barrows unable to put together more than two full issues in a row (outside of the first two) it was nice to know a steady artist who fit the title so well would be handling it. It seems like every time Nightwing gets a little momentum, something happens, plans change, etc. Blah. Oh well. Hopefully whoever they get to replace Booth is good, but I have a feeling who we'll get... and I hope I'm not right.

(Source: CBR)


  1. Dangit, JLA is such a problem title because of Finch's lateness. Now it has ended a great run early on the Higgins/Booth Nightwing book. And the funny thing is I don't see Brett's work suiting JLA nearly as well.
    I like the direction JLA is trying to take, but it needs to find a stable and RELIABLE artist. Doug Mahnke should definitely stay on after 6, his art could mesh better with what Johns is attempting.

    Right now though, I'm not sure what is going to happen. To either Nightwing OR JLA.

    1. Finch is a reliable artist, he was never late on a single issue of Batman: The Dark Knight, but the schedule started to catch up with him, and in order to save time, he started drawing with pencil again, and having Richard Friend ink him, rather than drawing all digital, which he was doing since Hurwitz's first issue on TDK. After Trinity War, if Finch comes back, I see no problems in the future.

  2. Extremely disappointed... Brett was the best Nightwing artist I've ever seen... Hopefully, the next artist can keep the energy, overall brightness, and amazing art while keeping Nightwing's altered costume and his awesome acrobatic jumps.

  3. With Brett Booth's untimely departure from Nightwing (really sucks, just when I was really starting to enjoy the comics), I'm extremely hoping that we don't get those crappy replacement artists that will definitely derail the momentum Higgins/Booth had set.

  4. I am so frustrated to hear this. I mean, yay for Booth's "promotion", but I'm not even sure this is for the best -- given that he doesn't seem very suited to team books (I don't recall hearing many good things about his Teen Titans run).

    At the very least, it would have been good if he could have finished at least one arc on Nightwing before being poached.

    Any spec on who will be replacing them? I... am hoping it's not Juan Jose Ryp or Andres Guinaldo. Didn't Marcus To say he'd been asking to do Nightwing for a while? He'd be a wonderful choice.

    1. I agree, Marcus To has exactly what it takes to continue making this book amazing.

    2. Oh, I'd DEFINITELY vote for Marcus To as well! He made Nightwing's character very fun and enjoyable during his team-up with Batwing last year XD.

  5. Who will be the next artist for Nightwing?DC may give hire the artists like Guillem March,Ale Garza or Tony Daniel for finish the arc.For the love of the god!..I don't want see Juan Jose Ryp's art on N/W again.