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Thursday, February 28, 2013

DC reveals March's Robin tribute covers

With the reveal of the Detective Comics #18 cover today, then Worlds' Finest #10, I remembered that back when March solicits originally hit, most of the covers on DC's site were listed as "Not final cover." Well, now we know why, and BuzzFeed revealed the rest of the covers. Some of them are very obvious tributes, but others you have to wonder as to their involvement like Catwoman and Red Hood. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Hit the jump for all the Robin related sadness.

Batgirl #18

Nightwing #18

Detective Comics #18

Teen Titans #18

Catwoman #18

Batman, Incorporated #9

Red Hood and the Outlaws #18

Batman #18

Batman #18 Variant

Batman and Robin #18

Worlds' Finest #10


  1. Why is Tim Smiling? I know Tim had issues w/ Damian before but That's not how Tim is. Especially at a time like this.

    1. Because he's possessed or something in Teen Titans right now.

  2. Damn. I've not been so bummed out in a while. Lil guys gone.

  3. wow, some of those are very striking covers. I'd say the one that strikes me the most is the Batman & Robin #18 cover, because before we had this cover with robin, and now it looks so empty and Batman looks so angry, yet alone.

  4. Striking covers. Do you know if the tribute covers will replace the previously solicited regular covers? DC Comics and online shops are still advertising the old covers. I'd like to pre-order some of these and I want to make sure I get the tribute covers. Thanks!

  5. I was so Haunted by seeing Tim Smiling lol It was just so cold yet funny. Tim is going to be (red) Robin again.

  6. Do you think the Requiem logo is going to stick around past March?

    1. No. Potentially on Batman and Robin, but I'm pretty sure this is a one month thing.