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And God has a big blue dong.

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Ra's should wear a suit more often, that's my biggest take away from this issue.

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Hurt continues to prove he's a pretty bad doctor.

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Surprise, hero goes to place in their past and everyone wants them dead! Whoops.

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Batman heads to the past, then gets Metal, meanwhile Nightwing fights everyone.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Panels of the Week, 01/17/2013

Guess what!? Lot's o' Joker! But we also got a panel from Rafael Albuquerque's Legends of the Dark Knight chapter, which was pretty good, and had a nuts type of ending.

Batman #16: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like Greg Capullo doesn't do a whole lot of double page spreads, no? Regardless, I nearly cracked up out out when I got to this page... Everything is just so perfect about it, and the look on the "Justice League's" faces is just so grim.

Batman #16: This scene between Joker and Two-Face was just perfect Joker. Just calling out Two-Face on his shit, and winning, easily.

Batman and Robin #16: What did I tell you? Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray drew the Joker's face as gross looking as possible. So god damn creepy. This panel is simple, yet grossly effective.

Batgirl #16: Of the pages Ed Benes did manage to draw, I liked this panel the most. Leatherface Joker never looked so good!

Legends of the Dark Knight #33: I'm not giving you any context of this shot. It's from the end, which is pretty damn bizarre.

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  1. Batman punching a horse in the face was left out?! Not sure if that was a reference to anything (Blazing Saddles maybe) but it was awesome. Great write-ups this week Phiz. Thanks!