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Friday, January 18, 2013

Birds of Prey #16 Preview

Let's be clear, I'm all for adding a Talon to the Birds, but can we just point out the fact that Babs has taken another highly talented fighter who just so happens to be mute under her wing... again?

Oh, and Batgirl is colored correctly! Hooray... it only took what, four issues?

(Source: IGN)

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  1. With all of these changes that are going to happen with the writers, does anybody still think they're going to bring back Ivy. It's sad how they mention Ivy and Katana leaving and then you see Strix and Condor come into the picture. I think the Birds of Prey is the only team on DC to go through such a big change to the members of its team. I believed in this series so much when it first came out. It was an interesting choice of members and the artwork added a darker tone to the series.
    Now look at it..look whose on the team....
    And judging by interviews, there's going to be more focus on Black Canary and Batgirl and less focus on Starling (the one new member to the team who people liked a whole lot).
    I need some real reasons to hold onto this series, this is unfortunate.