SPOILERS: Robin Rises: Alpha #1

The dollar to content value certainly is questionable, but BAT-COW!

SPOILERS: Batman Annual #3

If you've got no friends, consider this: It could be worse, Joker could be your friend.

SPOILERS: Grayson Annual #1

Origin of Helena Bertinelli this issue is not, but another clever issue of Grayson it is.

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #38

Eternal is here to chew bublegum and drag its feet... and its all out of bubblegum.

SPOILERS: Arkham Manor #3

So, uh... Batman #36 spoilers, I guess.

SPOILERS: Gotham by Midnight #1

Well, everything sure is spooky, but is this book actually ABOUT Gotham, rather than just being set in Gotham?

SPOILERS: Catwoman Annual #2

Congratulations new "Catwoman," I find you to be pretty unnecessary. Yay?

SPOILERS: Harely Quinn #13

Do you want to see Power Girl spank the monkey? Of course you do! Why'd I even ask?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Batgirl #16 Preview

So apparently Ed Benes still is the artist on the title? Sort of? Every time DC seems to attempt and re-team Benes and Simone, he seems to start these streaks of being unable to finish any single issue in full, minus the first one. (Birds of Prey volume 2)

(Source: Newsarama)


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    1. god only knows. I won't be surprised if this was his last ten pages.