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Friday, December 7, 2012

Jim Zubkavich takes over Birds of Prey

Title says it all. Zubkavich writes the image series Skullkickers, and is the latest in a line of writers DC have gotten outside of the "go to" pile when they wanted something quickly done, like oh say, some recent Nightwing fill in.

There's a whole interview with Zubkavich at CBR, but I've got some other stuff to post. You may notice that the image I've posted doesn't have CBR's water mark... I WONDER WHY? Hold on a few minutes...

(Source: CBR)


  1. They finally got Babs' piping the right color! Rejoice!

  2. Also in case anyone cares I talked to him on twitter about Duane's plans for Ivy and what his plans are and he said:

    @DylanDavison Ivy will be back, yes. Background about her suit (and who gave it to her), her condition, "Friends of the Earth". All of it.

    and this

    @DylanDavison The Ivy stuff won't be happening right away, but it is part of the plan.

    So, Ivy fans get happy ;) cause I am!

  3. @Dylan: i really hope they bring Ivy back and she returns to the team. I'm not satisfied with how the new team is starting to look. Ivy would help bring the series back to awesomeness!