SPOILERS: Batman #39

Hopefully the wrap up to this two-parter justifies Wonder Woman's use here cus right now... at least it looks amazing.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #37

Well, I expected to not like this issue much, and hey! Expectations met!

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #9721

No fun times to be had here. Just bad times. Bad, bad times.

SPOILERS: Batman #38

Let's all agree to just not call anything anyone's equivalent of the Killing Joke, okay?

SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #4

I've got a theory! Joker is Gothamsexual! No one has used that before! Right? Oh they have... well, shit.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Saturday, here's February's Bat Covers

WHAT TIME IS IT?! Adventure Time Advanced cover time! Thanks to the twitter followers who alerted me to more than I thought being up. Didn't work in Chrome, but worked in Safari... weird stuff. Anyways, all of the covered titles, minus Batwing found it and Batman, Incorporated.

Batgirl #17

Batman and Robin #17

Batman: The Dark Knight #17

Batman #17 (saw this one already)

Birds of Prey #17

Batwoman #17

Catwoman #17

Detective Comics #17

Nightwing #17

Red Hood and the Outlaws #17

Talon #5

Batwing #17


  1. Thanks for sharing Red Hood looks badass!
    So does Birds of Prey!

    Sad to see no Ivy on the covers, guess that December may be the last time we see her for a while! I just hope its not for long!

    1. I'm assuming you're Power Touch from CBR, so I'll just echo what I said there, track down the Suicide Squad cover.

    2. Yep me=Power Torch! Thanks a bunch! Do you know if the artist for that cover has a twitter or a blog or something?

    3. Ken Lashley's tumblr: http://ledkilla.tumblr.com

      I saw your comment about her skin color and everything in the Ivy appreciation thread, I wouldn't worry too much, he's just the cover artist and could have been given a bad reference or something.

    4. Ya, I tweeted him. I really hope thats now what she looks like. She kinda needs that biosuit.

      Also the more I think about it the more it does not make since. She is dieing in 6 months, why would she care if there was a bomb in her head...

      But whatever I would be happy to have a ongoing team with Ivy in it. And I have been saying this since she join the birds. She should be on SS it just make since. Harley is in it, and she has been on the team before.

    5. ...I guess it's also worth noting Matt Yackey did the color on that cover, haha.

    6. Haha true! So the color is not his fault lol. The costume is though, and its meh! Though I will love Ivy no matter what. So if it is her, it will take some time to get use to again....

    7. Probably a prison jumpsuit of sorts.

    8. Hmm did not think about that. Could be....still they would have to tell us where the biosuit went for it to make since.
      Duane told me he had more plans for Ivy, and I think removing the bio-suit and ignoring the whole "6 months to live" thing could kill his plans.

    9. Sorry for interupting this conversation, but I just want to say how happy I am to find other fans of Poison Ivy, who want her to stick around just as much as i do.
      I hope she reappears in the Birds comics like Dylan said she might and I hope she sticks around regulary in some series in the new 52!

  2. I'm just gonna say this, and take Death of The Family as a literal meaning and say that Joker is gonna make it so that Batman cant rely on his allies anymore
    Also, I just saw the Suicide Squad cover and it is so epic!

    1. What do you think of Ivy on the cover? Do you even think thats Ivy? I kinda want some outside opinion on it I guess.

    2. I didn't think it was her until I read here and it totally clicked with me, which totally makes it the more epic and probably favorite cover, gonna be my new background lol

  3. No no no NO NOO... What the fuck man! You can't kill jason AGAIN

  4. still Loving the Batman #17 cover :]
    can't WAIT for RedHood though! ooooweeee that's a gorgeous picture - love how they incorporated the assumed costume Jason would have been wearing for his reflection since the short-shorts aren't used anymore. great artwork

  5. I really like the batgirl and nightwing covers. Looking at the nightwing cover gets me excited to read the issue, it seems like nightwing is going crazy and damian will have to calm him down. It's a nice role reversal from their previous partnerships.

  6. When I saw the catwoman cover I first thought "o wow, she's sitting on her bike like a normal human being" but nope, she broke her back again.