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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Panels of the Week, 09/13/2012

Everyone looks so young this week!

Batman #0: This just looks cool... I certainly hope this Red Hood guy doesn't make a habbit of appearing at people's door, gun drawn... GET IT!? BECAUSE HE'S PROBABLY THE JOKER!? AND HE DID THAT TO BABS!? Sarcasm, people. Get with the times!

Batman #0: Speaking of Babs, of all the Batkids looking up at the signal, this was my favorite one.

Batman and Robin #0: I mean, yeah... it's an Andy Kubert page, but damned if it doesn't look freaking good. Gleason had to do this, iconic last page... unlike another artist this month who just straight up copied multiple, and I mean lots of panels, selling it as an homage...

Batgirl #0: Ed Benes killed it on this issue. Seriously... so good to have him and Gail Simone working together again. Here's to hoping it turns out better than the botched Birds of Prey volume!

Legends of the Dark Knight #15: Didn't like the art in this issue, but that was mainly for when you got close ups of people's faces. There were some cool panels, like this one.

No, but really...


  1. liked the panels you choose this week! Love the ones from Batgirl and Batman!

  2. Hahahah ME GUSTA!!! Can you drop a hint as to which issue youre talking about with the "homage" stuff?