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Friday, September 28, 2012

Outside of Gotham, 09/28/2012

Whoa, it's been a while since I had to do one of these... completely forgot about it this time. Anyways, here are my thoughts on the #0 issue of Teen Titans.

So, the big story about this issue is the "fact" that Tim Drake went straight to being Red Robin, instead of being the third Robin, due to not wanting to follow directly after Jason, honoring him somehow. Lot's of commotion was made about this, but quite honestly, in the end... it pretty much was as simple as just adding that "Red" word in before "Robin." The core of who Tim Drake is remains the same. He's a smart kid, tried to find out who Batman was after noticing a change in him following the death of Jason. Some things along the way are twisted, for instance, Bruce plants clues for Tim to find, all leading to the wrong conclusion, allowing the two to meet, and for him to basically tell Tim to screw off, he's not interested in working with another partner. This doesn't get rid of Tim for good, as he takes do-gooding into his own hands, and uses his hacking skills to steal from the rich (Penguin) and give to the poor. This causes Penguin to throw out a hit squad on his family after being tracked, and here's where another twist comes in: Tim's parents live through the ordeal. Yep. Even I was fooled. As soon as I saw that they would be in this issue, I believe my line was "Watch out Tim's parents, you gonna get get!" I guess I'm more jaded than I realize. So after that, the Drakes go into witness protection, Batman agrees to watch after Tim, and the whole Red Robin thing happens... and he's literally in his old (New 52'd) Robin costume, so like I said, it's pretty much just a word.

Overall, it was actually a pretty good issue. The changes made, I really have no problem with. Like I said, it's just an extra word, for all intents and purposes, Tim was the third Robin. I mean, really... what's the difference, other than the "legacy" title? If there was one thing I didn't understand, it was the whole witness protection thing. Why did Tim's parents have to go into the program, and not Tim himself? Maybe it was explained, and I'll have to read it again, but in that initial read through, it stood out to me as botched logic.

Regardless, good issue, well written, well illustrated by Tyler Kirkham, and not really all that controversial, as some would like to believe.



  1. What are your thoughts on "Drake" not actually being his last name? He's only ever referred to as Tim throughout the issue, and at the end Bruce says that his name is "now Tim Drake." Personally I think this offers great story potential for future issues.

    1. I actually missed that. Eh, whatever. His name is still Tim Drake, right?

  2. but his not longer the adopted son of bruce wayne, and with his parents alive, their relationship is not going to be the same

    1. So he's not legally adopted? Did he still act as Bruce's partner, did he still live at the Manor? Yes and yes. The adoption is just a formality, there's nothing to say their relationship changed. This is the kind of worrying I don't buy into.

  3. Well he does go into Witness Protection, just not with his parents. Batman decides that Tim will stay with him so that he can be the new Robin, and his witness protection name is Drake.