Stack Rundown, 12/4/2016

Here's an image of Batman looking at a dog. There you go.

Stack Rundown, 11/27/2016

2016 takes something else from us, and this time it's Chew.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #945

The gift of Clayface, TAKE IT IN MAAAAAAAAAAN. (reference!)

SPOILERS: Batgirl #5

I could make a joke about memory and my feelings towards this arc, but that would be rude.

Batman Group February 2017 Solicitations

Batwoman returns to the world of having her own solo in February.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Panels of the Week, 07/12/2012

Another panels of the week post! What a surprise! Wait, not it isn't... hit the jump anyways!

Batman #11: Sure, this isn't the most flashy panel, but when I read this my thought was "Man, if this was a movie, this is where most of the sound would be cut out, and you'd hear a really calm part of the score, then as he got closer to the ground, the wind noise would eventually BLAST through the speakers." Just kind of a beautiful, serene moment.

Batman #11: Speaking of just serene character moments, Rafael Albuquerque really knocked it out of the park with this shot of Alfred laying flowers at his father's grave.

Batman and Robin #11: I cannot tell you how much I laughed at this panel. Perfect Gordon/Damian interaction, absolutely perfect.

Batgirl #11: Batgirl is back! Snarky, and kneeing people in the fucking face! Wooo! Welcome back Babs!

Suicide Squad #11: Sure, it's not the awesome "I'M A SHAAAAARK, I'M A FUCKING SHAAAARK" Secret Six King Shark, but damn... he's a ladies man.

Legends of the Dark Knight #6: I said in my review just how perfect the Joker was in this arc of the book. Context of this panel is Killer Croc just burst in, pissed as all hell. Perfect comedic beat from Joker.

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