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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Batman Incorporated Delays and Changes

So, we all know that Batman Incorporated #3 was "delayed" (rather, shipped, but asked to wait on by DC) but, you know.... fuck that, I ordered a copy which should be here any day now, and I'll get my spoilers/review up on that ASAP (unless it comes Friday, which means I'll be out of town and unable). But the news doesn't stop there!

The official date of Batman Incorporated #3 got moved to August 22nd, the same day issue #4 was scheduled to come out, so the question was "are we going to get two issues in one day?" My thoughts were leaning to the fact that August has five Wednesdays, and issue #4 would get pushed back to that week, being released with Justice League #12, the Annuals and some other stuff... NOPE!


Yep, two whole months later according to Diamond's updated shipping list, because we can't have anything that isn't numbered #0 coming out in September. I don't know if this is because stuff needs to be redrawn, or Morrison and Burnham are falling behind schedule, who knows... but god damn, I was hoping we'd avoid this kind of nonsense with a fresh start to the volume. Hell, if they're still on schedule, I don't see why they couldn't put out #4 on October 3rd, and #5 on the 31st, being that it's another five Wednesday month.

Speaking of the #0 issue, Frazer Irving confirmed via Twitter that he'd be illustrating September's #0, which makes me think that perhaps the regular team is a bit behind. I like Irving's work, and I'm glad another frequent Morrison collaborator is getting the issue, rather than some random fill in artist, but still... October 24th. Man, that sucks.

Of course this would mean issue #5 will probably hit November 28th, which probably means we shouldn't expect to see any new solicit for #6 in a few weeks.

(Source: Previews World)

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