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Friday, June 15, 2012

Outside of Gotham, June 15th, 2012

This week, in Suicide Squad, we saw the return of Harley Quinn to the team, and Amanda Waller finally realizes there's a mole in her team.
The issue starts off with Waller leading her team into a mission they're not too informed about, something Deadshot doesn't really like. The twists begin when Harley makes her appearance, back on the team, another thing not to Deadshot's liking (see issues #6 and #7). Harley thanks Deadshot in a creepy manner, for releasing "Harleen Quinzel," as she's going by that now, instead of Harley Quinn. Despite Deadshot's bitching, Waller makes them go on with the mission, which is to intercept a rogue Basilisk member (basically the New 52 Kobra) holding a bunch of business execs hostage.

The team finds their way to where this Basilisk member has positioned himself, and manage to stop him before he blows himself up. El Diablo searches the knocked out henchmen, to make sure he has no more weapons or whatever else on him. Black Spider takes a particular interest in the Basilisk member, as he recognizes him as one of Basilisk's leader, Regulus' personal guard. So with that in mind, with this guy's stature in the organization, and a well placed flash back to Black Spider coming across the mystery Regulus, knowing how ruthless he is, Black Spider figures that something is up, and this guy could have just been a distraction, as he takes King Shark with him to look for what's really going on.

Meanwhile, back in the Task Force X head quarters, Yo-Yo, who spent a number of weeks in King Shark's belly, sneaks up on Waller, who knows he's there, telling him to come out. Waller isn't the least bit threatened by Yo Yo, saying she knew that King Shark would probably eat him, and wanted to test out his powers, pointing out to him, that he is pretty much indestructible, hinting at him serving a bigger purpose. Meanwhile, Black Spider and King Shark find more Basilisk dudes, and find out they were trying to steal research files on something called Project Genesis. The rest of the team then reports in to say they've got a problem, their captured Basilisk guy just died of a cyanide poisoning, despite El Diablo taking his original capsule out of his mouth.

With that, knowing that the Basilisk member had been searched, Waller figures someone on her team had to slip him another pill, thus the Suicide Squad has been compromised.


I enjoyed this issue, some action, some creepiness, and some ridiculous in nature stuff. This book has really shaped up to be a sleeper hit in my opinion. There was nothing really not to my liking this week, but nothing that really boosted the book to that "awesome" level. Oh, and the traitor definitely has to be Black Spider. He wasn't present on the first Basilisk mission, he recognized the fact that this guy was an elite guard so to speak, he has a history with Basilisk, and the purple color filter in his flash back, was also present in the traitor's flash back, a few issues back. Anyways...



  1. Hey bro,
    I want to get into digital comics. But I don't know squat about the readers. What reader would you recommend for comics, and why? I would appreciate your thoughts. Love the new site and keep up the great job!

    1. Personally, I use an iPad, the app is slicker and simpler and slicker than the last time I used the Android app. Also, since I use the iOS app to buy, rather than online than sync later (all comics bought on devices will sync to your comixology account regardless) I can use iTunes gift cards to pay, which means if you can find them on sale, it's basically free money towards comics. Also, I don't have the newest iPad, but if you do go that route, the comics are in "CmxHD" file format, which is optimized for the super high res screen. The file sizes are apparently larger, so just know that when you'd pick size.

  2. Ok, are the comics cheaper digital? How many memory does one comic have? Could I just save my comics through iCloud?

    1. back issues usually cost 1.99. On release, comics are the same price you'd pay in stores, but drop a dollar a month later. Regular files are around 20mb. They're saved to the app, and can be viewed through comixology's website. There's no DRM free file, which is an issue for some.

  3. Not bad. I think I might go with an iPad. Why not?
    Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions!
    Bt dub, what non-Batman books are you reading?

    1. Let's see... Action Comics, All Star Western, Ame Comi Girls, American Vampire, American Vampire Lord of Shadows, Animal Man, Aquaman, DC Universe Presents for the current arc, Dial H, Earth 2, Flash, Green Lantern, I Vampire, Justice League, Justice League Beyond, Justice League Dark, Saga, Suicide Squad, Swamp Thing, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman

    2. That's fantastic! I read all of these minus Ame-Comi, Suicide Squad, and JL Beyond. Though, I am keeping up with Manhattan Projects and Invincible (a couple non-DC)

      I've thought about saving for an iPad to move digital for at least the Direct Market on some things, but I do really like collecting in trade to both display and share great stories with friends looking to jump into comics.

  4. How's Dial H? I noticed no Marvel titles, why is that?

    1. It's one of those weirdly compelling titles. Feels more like a vertigo title than anything. It's off beat, but fun. I don't read Marvel simply because I got in to comics via Batman, I was a Batman fan first and foremost, then expanded into the DCU after awhile. Perhaps it's just a slight bias, but I'm just not interested in Marvel, and don't really feel like learning a whole new universe.

  5. I think I'll grab it. I understand. At first, I was reading only Marvel. Then Batman and now DC.
    Marvel just bores me. After reading countless disappointing events that lead nowhere I gave up.
    I wish DC would get David Aja to draw a book.