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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Justice League #10 Preview

Lots of inkers and colorists? Yep, I fully expected the final two issues in this arc to be delayed at least a week. It'll be interesting to see if Jim Lee comes back after this. I would guess you'd like him to get a start on the inevitable Trinity War mini series, just like they had Andy Kubert draw Flashpoint pretty far in advanced.

**Note: Jim Lee hasn't been confirmed for a Trinity War series... but, I mean... come on**

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


  1. Here's hoping Lee comes back. Any announcement of his replacement though following his leave?

    1. None. We'll probably hear about it shortly before SDCC, or when Solicits are released, which should be that monday prior.

    2. This isn't a shot or anything, but I'm hoping it isn't Gene Ha. Something about his Justice League issue was off.

      His Action Comic flashbacks in #3 were gorgeous but Justice League... I don't know. I have a feeling it may either be him, D'Anda, or they plan to transfer Reis over from Aquaman (Which I hope not! He and Johns are bringing Arthur back and it needs to ride that wave for a while)

    3. Yeah, I agree with something feeling off about Ha's work on JL #7. I don't think Ivan Reis is going anywhere, he was the one who flat out said he wanted to draw Aquaman, then Geoff Johns came on next. I wouldn't be surprised if we get more Carlos D'Anda.