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SPOILERS: Detective Comics #953

And the mother of year award goes to... literally anyone but Lady Shiva

SPOILERS: Mother Panic #5

Lots of style, just need a little more easily discernible substance for my tastes.

SPOILERS: Batman #19

Man this book has been so good for the last couple months, so good!

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #8

I'm not sure exactly why most of this issue happens, but it sure is cool.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Becky Cloonan / Andy Clarke on Batman #12

A little while ago, regular Batman artist Greg Capullo asked twitter if he should take issue #12 off, or barrel through until his next available break time, which would be "months" later. Capullo was solicited for issue #12, but by nature of those, they need to be made pretty far in advance, and are subject to change. Last week, Capullo confirmed via Twitter he'd be taking issue #12 off. So, who would be filling in for him? Well, I heard that it was to be a female artist "off the beaten path" and today we've got that answer.

Ladies and gentleman, your Batman #12 artist is Becky Cloonan of Demo and Conan the Barbarian fame. Cloonan will be drawing the main feature of the issue, focusing on the mystery character of Harper Row, who we met in Batman #7, and possibly before, as teased by Snyder on Twitter. Not much is known about her, but in the interview Snyder gave with CBR, we learn that Harper has a brother, works for the Gotham power company, running the electrical grid, and apparently lives/is connected to the Narrows neighborhood of Gotham.

Joining Cloonan on the book will be special guest artist Andy Clarke, who will provide the back up art for #12.

Harper Row is a character who has been teased just enough for me to really try and figure out just what her deal is, despite having barely any information on her. Issue #12 should be interesting.

(Source: CBR)

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