Stack Rundown, 10/23/2016

Another week, another batch of comics to loosely talk about.

SPOILERS: Batman #9

It's saying something when a LoSH character hanging out in Batman is hardly the most WTF moment of an issue.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #7

The circus is a strange place, evident by the endless Nightwing stories that come from it.

Batman Group January 2017 Solicitations

Rebirth coming into the new year hot.

Stack Rundown, 10/16/2016

Man, I sure wish Damian showed up in Batman books too... you know, where it'd make total and complete sense?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Outside of Gotham, May 25th, 2012

Because I did a full write up on All Star Western, this weeks OoG post will only be about the latest issue of Teen Titans.

Starting where Legion Lost #9 left off, Harvest just took out Wildfire (who isn't dead) and things are looking a bit grim. Tim and Tyroc come up with a plan for the Titans to distract Harvest, while the Legion helps by destroying the Colony's central power core. Elsewhere, Fairchild, Bunker, Dawnstar and other characters that will form The Ravagers book next week are helping all the kids trapped in the Colony escape. Fairchild gets in the last escape vehicle as Bunker and Dawnstar rejoin their teams.

While the Legion members are taking care of the core, the Titans are battling Harvest, and this is where things get disappointed. We get never really get any solid info on who Harvest is or why he's doing such things. He does the typical bad guy thing of "I'm really saving you! Bad stuff is happening" etc. etc. We also find out he's human (somehow) and has the ability to get tech from the 31st Century via a time bubble.  When the core is finally destroyed, Harvest gets away despite Tim's attempts to catch him. With the place about to blow, the Titans are forced to dig down into the earth with Superboy's TK powers, instead of flying up, as they wouldn't make it in time. Turn the page, and they wake up on an island with some dinosaurs... END?

Yeah, I'll be honest, my interest in "The Culling" greatly dwindled through. It just didn't captivate me, and this last issue was sort of a let down. Almost a year into the NOWHERE story, and we never learned anything about the main antagonist. At least when someone like Darkseid shows up, then disappears, promising to return, you have an idea what he's about, because he's an established character, he's fucking Darkseid. Here though, a new character/villain, and we only get allusions to his real purpose. Some answers were definitely needed for this pay off, but that fell flat... I don't, I'm just done with caring about NOWHERE. That's honestly why I'm skeptical about The Ravagers. If they get away from NOWHERE, and do it quick, I may stick around, but if it just continues it, I'm out.

Finally, I'd normally make a point about how random the ending was, literally going from burrowing into the ground to dinosaur island next page, I mean, there's a sky, so it's not like this is some giant cavern underground. It makes barely any sense, but just based on the possibilities of the premise, and the fact that we're getting away from NOWHERE, I'll take it.


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