Stack Rundown, 04/25/2015

Is this week three or four of the weird website limbo I'm in? I can't even tell anymore.

Batman Group July 2015 Solicitations

Looky there, new solicits for July and Krillin is nowhere to be found. Surprising. NOT, because he's TERRIBLE.

Stack Rundown, 04/18/2015

SPOILERS: Batman is the new Thor, since he's out of a job in his old book.

Stack Rundown, 04/11/2015

DC Comics may have left NYC this week, but I'm staying right here! ...on the internet!

Stack Rundown, 04/04/2015

All you need to know is there is a Rick and Morty comic and it's pretty great.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

You thought I forgot about you, Krillin!?



You're still the same piece of shit you always were, Krillin. Just because I've got actual comics to write about in the near future doesn't mean I've forgotten about you and your worthless "I guess I'll go get myself killed" attitude. Up until now, I've been actually keeping it pretty casual, but you walking around like I forgot about you just means it's time to take the damn gloves off, so here we go...

Krillin, you smell like a Saiyan's sweaty ass. Yeah, it's true. You're one of those guys who walks into the room and makes everyone think "Ew, what's that smell? Oh, it's that guy." Then they judge you silently, while a few dry heave when you're not looking. Maybe you would have noticed your horrendous B.O. problem if you had a damn nose. Everyone else in Dragon Ball has a nose, where's yours? Where's your nose Krillin?!

What a mess.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stack Rundown, 04/25/2015

Just think, next week I'll have an actual book to write about Wednesday (and a good one, might I add)  and then we'll be just one month out of regular comics from DC again and I won't have to do... whatever it is that I am currently doing with this website. There will also be those weekly 8 page previews to talk about, there's that to look forward to as well. But hooray for regularity returning soon...ish!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Batman #40 Preview

Trust me when I say: This issue is absolutely fucking brutal*. And that's all I'll say. Wednesday should be fun.

*as brutal as that time Krillin died... WHICH TIME WAS THAT YOU SAY!? I don't know pick one, there's plenty, because that's all he does. The god damn dragon balls were basically made just to bring his ass back to life.

(Source: PasteMagazine)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Batman Group July 2015 Solicitations

OH THANK GOD. DC books to talk about. This whole Convergence thing is really starting to suck. Go away you meaningless books which will amount to nothing! I don't want you!

So what's new in July? Well, July is annual month, and Batgirl will be getting its third annual (of which I'm very excited for) and surprisingly, Gotham by Midnight will get an annual as well, wasn't expecting that. Fernando Blanco is drawing Detective in July, which is odd given the two month break Convergence provided. Elsewhere, Helen Mingjuechen is listed on Gotham Academy as artist, which is also weird since I was told Karl Kerschl would be back for #8 (and going by Twitter, is also drawing stuff similar to the cover of this issue IE rain) and I was told correctly, Brenden Fletcher confirmed Karl Kerschl is indeed drawing the issue.

Also, some of the books that were listed at $3.99 last month are back to $2.99 this month? Either the website that is breaking embargo is posting shitty info, or DC caved due to my hard hitting reporting! But now Black Canary is $3.99? I think they're doing "old titles stay at $2.99, new are $3.99" or something. Maybe not? Seeing conflicting info. Fuck it, we'll see when I can get the text from a regular site that people actually remember exists.

You may also notice that Krillin is not in any of these issues. Why is that, you might ask? Well, it's because Krillin is a useless asshole, that's why.

SPOILERS: Krillin still sucks

Get your fucking shit together, Krillin.

Monday, April 20, 2015

No DC Solicits Today, All Because of One Man

And I use the term "man" loosely. Yeah! That's right! Because Krillin is such a general worthless piece of crap, DC Comics has decided to no longer release their solicits on Monday, something they've done since near the god damn beginning of time, but instead, release them on Tuesday.

Thanks a lot, Krillin, you asshole. Here I am, refreshing CBR at 5:00pm, like I do every damn second to last Monday of the month, going "what the hell? where are the solicits?" Then Newsarama tells me "oh they're on Tuesday for some reason now," ALL THANKS TO YOU, YOU DO-NOTHING, MOOCHER, JERK!!!

I hope you're happy!

You know who's NOT the new Batman?

Krillin. Because he sucks and he's an asshole.

Fuck you, Krillin.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Top 10 DBZ Characters Better Than Garbage Krillin

You might have heard that Krillin is stupid. He's the worst. Just a mess of a human being. These are facts, no getting around it. Need proof? Well, I've got a top ten list for you! That's fucking right, Gotham Spoilers is now entirely dedicated to exposing how god awful Krillin is AND I'm doing top ten lists, now that's content.

SPOILERS: Get out of here, Krillin

You're awful, and nobody likes you! Why don't you go do the one thing you're good at and die, I hear Goku could use the exercise, so he might as well get it searching for the dragon balls in order to resurrect your ass, again. I'd rather be stuck in a room with bland ass Yamcha than you, and I'm pretty sure he canonically just stopped existing after the Cell saga.

Seriously. Gah. Fuck you, Krillin. You're a piece of shit, and the world deserves to know!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stack Rundown, 04/18/2015

Something, something, no DC books to read, something, something still a couple other books to read, something, something Convergence is dumb. Gimme back my real comics!