SPOILERS: Batman #30

Savage City begins, and the end of Zero Year is in sight.

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #2

Gordon is in jail and Batman is trying not to get a bat-boner. Thanks, Obama.

SPOILERS: Batman and Wonder Woman #30

"Natives too hostile, my son is dead. 2 Stars" -Batman's Yelp review of Themyscira

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #5

Harley and a geriatric patient kill a dude in a coma, LOLZ!

SPOILERS: Batwoman #30

Kate battles Arkham inmates, Maggie battles a Process Server.

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #30

Aliens! Frankenstein! Mismanaged Lobos! Oh my!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Panels of the Week(s), 04/17/2014

Didn't have a Panels of the Week post last week, due to there only being one panel I wanted to highlight, so I've got double the Batman Eternal this week.

Looking Forward: April 23rd, 2014

Well, after this week, I'll gladly take a single issue week.
  • Batman Eternal #3: Waaaay back last year, we thought this issue would be Stephanie Brown's debut in the New 52, then Batman #28 happened... But still! Stephanie Brown!
Batman/Superman #9 also comes out next week, but like I said last time, I thought the crossover was bad, and have no intention on covering it... and I didn't even have to say that in retrospect, given the production of this issue made that decision pretty easy, since you know... huge delays, part 4 already being out, and this being part 3... Yeeeeah. But whatever, spoiler alert: the story that took the lead from Worlds' Finest didn't amount to shit and nothing happened. Who would have thought!? 

Solicits might come out next week? I don't know. I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon with no indications of them happening tomorrow. I'm not going to edit this post, because it'll be marginally funnier that way.

Final note: So last week's trade sale I had was a huge success. Thanks for everyone who bought books off me, if the USPS is to be trusted, you should be getting your books around now, so hopefully everything arrives on time. I may still have a couple books available (again, it's Sunday), so check the eBay page. And as always, you can continue to support the site by shopping through my affiliate banners.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman #30

After having a "Julie Madison just turned into my dead mother" dream, Bruce wakes up in an unfamiliar apartment, being watched over by a kid named Duke Thomas, aka the kid we saw Bruce rescue in the first issue of Zero Year. Things have gotten bad while Bruce has been out, like post-apoctaliptic bad, and time for Gotham has been set on a new scale by it's ruler The Riddler, welcome to Zero Year (THEY SAID IT!)

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #2

With the Gotham Gazzette about to run the story on Jim Gordon, it's not long before most of the Bat-family is alerted to the news via various sources. While the news breaks, the less than reputable Mayor Hady retreats into his office, where an old friend waits for him in the shadows.

SPOILERS: Batman and Wonder Woman #30

As one might expect, many of the Amazons don't take kindly to a man being brought to their island, but given the circumstances, Diana vouches for Bruce. Even with Diana backing him, Bruce's presence still causes a bit of Amazonian animosity, but after a brief confrontation, Diana and Bruce go on their way, given a timeframe the rest of the Amazons will tolerate Bruce on their island. Before the to go meet the Oracle who they hope will tell them where Ra's is on the island, Diana pays a visit to her mother, who is still under Hera's curse.

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #5

Harley has one hell of a night. After meeting with Syborg, downing a couple chili-dogs and getting the intel she's supposed to study, she heads to a show in her building where she mistakes the act for being real, and ends up attacking everyone on stage. After that misunderstanding, Harley falls asleep studying Syborg's file of targets, then has a trippy chili-dog digestion field dream about russian espionage and whatnot.

SPOILERS: Batwoman #30

So... I mean... there's a person with a Bat on their chest in Arkham, and all the D listers are released... what do you expect happens? Batwoman fights them a bit, then gives chase to Wolf-Spider, who gets away, but not before Kate tagging him with a tracking device.

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #30

The plan is simple... sort of. Jason and Kori go to the blown up Blackhawks base (see Blackhawks #8 for more, like that's a realistic thing to expect out of people, remember Blackhawks?) to steal a ship that will allow them to get into the SHADE micro base, so they can then steal a ship that'll take them into space... And all they have to get through is a crazy little robot security man, who despite the payload he's got on him, gets beat by Kori, but still chases them down after the duo flies away.

Guillem March's Batman Eternal #10 & 11 Covers

Two-for-one special today on the Eternal cover reveals, one of which showing just how far this team is going with all the characters they're bringing into the title... something that I really enjoyed in this week's issue. Man, this book is going to be great.

Robin Rises: Omega One-Shot Coming in July

Question my cryptic posts again, I dare you!

That's right, the one shot Robin Rises: Omega is coming in July from Peter Tomasi with art by Andy Kubert and Jonathan Glapion. Batman will have a Robin again for his 75th anniversary, but in true "fuck you, don't do this to me" fashion, Tomasi is being all coy and going "you're making a big assumption that it's Damian coming back from the dead." Stop that! Stop that right now! Who else is coming back from the dead? I mean, really. That's a big assumption, but is it incorrect, who knows?

But seriously... I can't handle this. Damian or bust... Who else are they going to make Robin? They've literally set up no one else to be Robin in the time frame we have between now and July. Do we really think Batman is going to go up to Carrie Kelley and go "Hey young lady who I barely know, you're Robin now because the New 52 demands it" ...fuck, that could totally happen.

Anyways, in other news, Batman and Robin #33 suckas! Again, don't question my cryptic posts! It has Batman and the (Lex Luthor) Justice League going to Apokolips for a chaos shard... I guess that's where that Omega comes in, and look at that cover with the eyes...

What the fuck is going on, just give me back Damian!

(Source: Hero Complex)