SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #3

Poor Stephanie Brown, not even one full issue in and everyone is already trying to kill her.

Batman Group July 2014 Solicitations

Grayson, the potential return of Damian Wayne, and the "scatapult" ...oh god.

Batman Group Futures End September 2014 Solicits

Five years into the future, things are weird! So weird that DC doesn't even know who's going to write and draw these stories!

Stack Rundown, 04/19/2014

While I go through my creator owned Image withdrawal, all those X books try and take advantage of me. NO!

SPOILERS: Batman #30

Savage City begins, and the end of Zero Year is in sight.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #3

Because Stephanie Brown has all of the best luck in the world, when she goes back to her dad's house (despite her mother pleading with her not to) she comes to find that her father is a criminal by the name of Cluemaster, and is currently meeting with the likes of Firefly, Lockup, Signal Man and a mysterious fourth man, who knocks her out form the shadows.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Batman Group July 2014 Solicitations

Oh hey! Real solicitations this time! So we got Grayson, we got Robin Rises, we got Harley Quinn Invades SDCC and we also got the third Detective Comics Annual! Outside of those new series and one-shots, here are a list of other points to take note of:
  • The same god damn issue of Batman/Superman has beens solicited for the third month in a row. Not surprised, as given the series recent delays, putting one inventory issue in (and double shipping another issue that very month) was never going to allow the team to catch up completely. So, either #11 or #12, probably going to be another inventory issue.
  • Batman Eternal's art team for the five week month will be Mikel Janin (wouldn't be surprised to see this change due to Grayson), Jason Fabok and Dustin Nguyen.
  • Amanda Conner "and others" will be drawing the Harley one-shot (hooray!)
  • R.B. Silva is your new Red Hood artist, hopefully whoever inks him, if anyone, doesn't suck.
Solicits after the jump!

Batman Group Futures End September 2014 Solicits

July? Old news! August? Fuck August! Who needs August? September solicits are where it's at! Well, incomplete September solicits that is.

Yes, with regular July solicits due to hit in a couple of hours, DC has already given us a glimpse into the future (heh) with a first look at the September Futures End event tie-ins. Replacing their usual titles for a month, we'll get a series of one-shots set in or near the events of DC's next weekly series. Why are we getting these so early? Well, remember last time DC had 3D covers and botched up the ordering process? Well, perhaps two months advanced notice will help fix that this time around.

There's something you may realize with these solicits... None of them have creative teams (or covers) attached to them. Why's that? Well because I can guarantee you not even DC knows who is going to be writing and illustrating all these. When the event was announced, Dan Didio spat out the pipe-dream of many of the books having their usual creative teams tackle these tie-ins, but it's naive to believe so. Take for instance Capullo and the rest of the Batman art team taking a break after Zero Year ends, I doubt they'd be drawing the the Batman tie-in issue. So we'll probably get creative teams announced in two months, and I bet there'd be a number of changes from then to release as well! Still think it's weird that no names are attached, because retailers and fans do order based on creators they follow... soooooo, whatever?

Also, Batman Eternal will probably continue throughout September.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stack Rundown, 04/19/2014

Today's Stack Rundown post was brought to you by the letter 'X.' Also, no Image titles for me this week, and barely any next week... I'm going through withdrawal, someone help me. Also also, Forever Evil?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Batman/Superman #9 Preview

Hahahaha... everything about this is hilarious. IGN edited already, but their original headline was "The First Contact story is nearly complete!" HAHAHA. Now there's a whole explanation of the screwed up release of this nonsense instead.

Spoiler alert: Nothing happens. But then again, that's par for the course with Worlds' Finest.

(Source: IGN)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Panels of the Week(s), 04/17/2014

Didn't have a Panels of the Week post last week, due to there only being one panel I wanted to highlight, so I've got double the Batman Eternal this week.

Looking Forward: April 23rd, 2014

Well, after this week, I'll gladly take a single issue week.
  • Batman Eternal #3: Waaaay back last year, we thought this issue would be Stephanie Brown's debut in the New 52, then Batman #28 happened... But still! Stephanie Brown!
Batman/Superman #9 also comes out next week, but like I said last time, I thought the crossover was bad, and have no intention on covering it... and I didn't even have to say that in retrospect, given the production of this issue made that decision pretty easy, since you know... huge delays, part 4 already being out, and this being part 3... Yeeeeah. But whatever, spoiler alert: the story that took the lead from Worlds' Finest didn't amount to shit and nothing happened. Who would have thought!? 

Solicits might come out next week? I don't know. I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon with no indications of them happening tomorrow. I'm not going to edit this post, because it'll be marginally funnier that way.

Final note: So last week's trade sale I had was a huge success. Thanks for everyone who bought books off me, if the USPS is to be trusted, you should be getting your books around now, so hopefully everything arrives on time. I may still have a couple books available (again, it's Sunday), so check the eBay page. And as always, you can continue to support the site by shopping through my affiliate banners.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman #30

After having a "Julie Madison just turned into my dead mother" dream, Bruce wakes up in an unfamiliar apartment, being watched over by a kid named Duke Thomas, aka the kid we saw Bruce rescue in the first issue of Zero Year. Things have gotten bad while Bruce has been out, like post-apoctaliptic bad, and time for Gotham has been set on a new scale by it's ruler The Riddler, welcome to Zero Year (THEY SAID IT!)

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #2

With the Gotham Gazzette about to run the story on Jim Gordon, it's not long before most of the Bat-family is alerted to the news via various sources. While the news breaks, the less than reputable Mayor Hady retreats into his office, where an old friend waits for him in the shadows.

SPOILERS: Batman and Wonder Woman #30

As one might expect, many of the Amazons don't take kindly to a man being brought to their island, but given the circumstances, Diana vouches for Bruce. Even with Diana backing him, Bruce's presence still causes a bit of Amazonian animosity, but after a brief confrontation, Diana and Bruce go on their way, given a timeframe the rest of the Amazons will tolerate Bruce on their island. Before the to go meet the Oracle who they hope will tell them where Ra's is on the island, Diana pays a visit to her mother, who is still under Hera's curse.