SPOILERS: Detective Comics #42

Some nerds in face paint take out GorBat. Boo.

Stack Rundown, 06/28/2015

Another week, another set of comics, another generic non descriptive tagline right here.

SPOILERS: Grayson #9

Dick just seducing everybody left and right.

SPOILERS: Robin: Son of Batman #1

Babe says what we're all thinking... Grow back the stache, Jim.

SPOILERS: We Are Robin #1

Duke Thomas and company make a pretty good first impression.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Looking Forward: July 8th, 2015

Scheduling this post on Sunday, so I don't know if I skipped Detective Comics this week or not! Maybe I did! Maybe I had a real easy week! Either way, comics for sure happen next week.
  • Batman #42: Last issue was sort of a primer for GorBat, so let's see how this story really starts to play out. Maybe we meet Mr. Bloom?
  • Catwoman #42: Hey look, Spoiler! DC is actually using her, for real. No, seriously. She exists.
  • Gotham Academy #8: Olive is back, and clearly someone has died. Uh oh.
And that's next week, I hope DC starts making pre SDCC announcements next week too... Anyways, banners, click, buy, support, blah blah blah.

Batgirl Annual #3 Apparently Features Everybody

We knew that Dick Grayson and Spyral were to be a part of the Batgirl Annual coming later this month, along with Gotham Academy, whose story will be illustrated by Mingle Helen Chen, but that's not all.

On top of that, there will also be a Spoiler section of the story illustrated by David LaFuente... and then a Batwoman section illustrated by Ming Doyle. Why? Who knows! Neither of these characters have been elements of the book prior to this, maybe it's a sign of things to come?

(Source: Brenden Fletcher Twitter)

Catwoman #42 Preview

No Spoiler in this preview, but hey, look, it's those two cops... that nobody cares about. Seriously. Most pointless element of this book, everything else is great, except those two, they're just waste of pages.

(Source: MTV News)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Step Aside Magneto, New Detective Team Confirmed

Ahhh, now see, this is why I made this graphic far in advance, because I'm a god damn wizard, and the need for it was 100% inevitable.

If you've been following the site, I've been predicting for about a month or so that the current Detective Comics team would be leaving the title after writer/artist Francis Manapul posted an Instagram of some cover process with the phrase "curtain call" attached.

Today, teasing a new project for October, Manapul confirmed that he and co-writer Brian Buccellato would indeed be exiting the title via couple of tweets, leaving the title open for a new creative team in October (probably). Nothing is known about who is taking over, but Manapul said the next arc would be written by a friend of his… so excuse me, while I go through every single person he's following on Twitter to figure this one out.

Not really.

But maybe.

The "next arc" wording is curious though. Wondering if it's a temp thing, or similar to Genevive Valentine on Catwoman, as apparently she was a initially brought in for an "arc," then was given the job full-time somewhere after that. Regardless of who takes over, I just want something new and interesting... preferably not Harvey Bullock focused.

So is this the part where I say my eulogy for the team? I guess? Look, it's no secret I'm not the biggest fan of the current run. Sometimes I do sound a bit harsh, I'll admit it, but I often do get hung up on the negatives a bit too much if it's something I'm generally not enjoying. There were definite high points such as Manapul's art, no idiot on the internet like myself can take that away. So that said, while the new creative team, whomever they may be, could potentially bring a new and interesting status quo to the table, it'll be hard to match the visuals this book was producing on a monthly basis.

(Source: Francis Manapul Twitter)

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #42

I'll admit when I think an issue is better than I thought it would be, but that still doesn't change the fact that I'd like to see a more interesting take on this title.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Gotham Spoilers Predicts: DC in October 2015

Wrestling is on, and I'd rather not give it my full attention, because you know, it's totally dumb, so how about some blogging? SDCC is right around the corner, and for once, it's before October's solicitations are released, which means DC might actually have something to announce this year. We also know that something is coming from DC in October, so the forecast of announcements looks good. Safe bets are that Dark Universe and Mystic U will be released in October, but what about Gotham? Well that's what I'm here for! Time for some speculation!

Detective Comics #42 Preview

Still don't know if I'm going to read this or not... I mean, what is this even supposed to be? It's a Harvey Bullock book right? Then why the hell did they open these last two issues with Jim POV? I don't know. I keep seeing praise for this book, but I just don't get it.

(Source: Multiversity Comics)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stack Rundown, 06/28/2015

At this point, I think it'd be best if I just take my Marvel fandom, bring it around back behind the shed, and do what needs to be done. I'm down to one book with them, which is a comedy book, and not one announcement they had all week was interesting to me in anyway... It's not looking good for me and post-Secret Wars Marvel.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Looking Forward: July 1st, 2015?

I don't know... Maybe I'll pick up this book, maybe I won't.
  • Detective Comics #42: I don't think this creative team has been particularly good on the writing front, so Iiiiiiii don't know.
That's it! Could be an easy book. Also, see those banners? Want to support Gotham Spoilers? Buy your trades after clicking them! It's cool.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #9

Hmm... I think Tim Seeley and Tom King know exactly what they're doing in relation to handling Dick Grayson and his audience...