SPOILERS: Batman #37

More like "Joker Eternal" right, guys?!

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #37

Hey guess what!? Damian is Robin again... Well, not yet, exactly... but you get the point.

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #37

I'm not convinced that this series doesn't have ADD.

SPOILERS: Catwoman #37

Being stuck between a rock and hard place is putting it lightly for Selina.

Batman Group March 2015 Solicitations

Enjoy these solicitations while they last! The DCU could look very different, come June.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gotham by Midnight #2 Preview

I'll probably say this in every preview/spoilers post for this book, but god damn, does Ben Templesmith's art fit this whole concept like a glove.

(Source: IGN)

Looking Forward: December 24th, 2014

Merry fucking Christmas, there's a lot of comics next week. Despite there being a fifth week, DC decided to put all the annuals out next week, so jeeeeeezus, so much.
  • Robin Rises Alpha #1: I'm still not sure how I feel about super powered Damian, but I guess we'll see, because it's happening next week.
  • Batman Annual #3: No idea what this one is gonna be like. I assume it may continue the story of the back-ups?
  • Grayson Annual #1: This was supposed to be super Helena Bertinelli but DC gave the writing team more space to tell the story, so this has apparently changed a bit.
  • Batman Eternal #38: Batman gonna find the bad guys? I dunno.
  • Harley Quinn #13: Harley and Power Girl's team up comes to a disastrous end.
  • Arkham Manor #3: Well, half way point of the series, I guess?
  • Gotham by Midnight #2: Some creepy nun in Slaughter Swamp... Look, I'll be honest, I'm writing how many books I've got to cover and just thinking "GOD DAMNIT," not trying in these blurbs.
  • Catwoman Annual #2: Good god, eight books? EIGHT BOOKS. Largest Gotham Spoilers week, ever.
Fuck you DC, fuck you. Eight books... UUUUUUUGH.

Look how much money I'm spending on comics next week, just for issues relevant to this site alone! You should support Gotham Spoilers by shopping at the links I've got in the banners.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Batman Eternal #41 Cover, SWEET FACE TIM.

Batman Eternal #41 cover right there, and Tim's getting high on that nanovirus. I got to say, even though I've sort of been bringing up this hanging plot thread with a degree of snark, with Endgame and Amazo Virus, I'm not sure I care about a third big virus story.

SPOILERS: Batman #37

Soooooooo, things get a bit fucked up this time around.

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #37

I mean... do I really even have to tell you what happens in this issue? I mean, honestly?

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #37

SO, what's new in Batman Eternal this week? Villains? Check! Ghosts? Check! Other stuff?! Check!

SPOILERS: Catwoman #37

Selina's first big test as head of the underworld comes flying at her, courtesy of the Black Mask.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Batman Group March 2015 Solicitations

So, a few things to talk about this month. First off, this will be the last solicitations post, until March, because my thoughts on Convergence can be summed up as "screw that noise." Speaking of Convergence, as I expected, quite a number of books got cancelled. Now, before the freakouts start, this basically confirms DC's going to be doing The New 52 Phase 2 in June, with a ton of new books... maybe they'll finally even drop the New 52 name! Do the cancellations effect the Batman books? You bet they do! Say goodbye to Batwoman, which has been on all sorts of declines of late, and Arkham Manor will be riding into the sunset, as many cynics predicted, that was a very limited time concept.

No major creative shake-ups to take note of, there will be a Batman and Robin annual as well is a Batwoman annual to truly wrap up the seres, then of course we've got the End Game tie-ins, so while DC is taking a two month break, they're definitely going out with a bunch of Gotham books, that's for sure.

Solicits after the jump.

Batman and Robin #37 Preview

Man, thank god the conclusion of this story comes out next week. I don't think I could wait any longer.

(Source: CBR)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Batman #37 Preview

So here's the preview, now excuse me while I don't read a single word of it.

(Source: Nerdist)